Hospital Bed Tax Is Not A Tax -Thus Spake the Speaker.

After a speech to the Marietta Area Council meeting of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce yesterday, Georgia House Speaker David Ralston was asked by the Marietta Daily Journal his position on the upcoming renewal of the so-called “bed tax,” an administrative fee paid by hospitals that is used to generate additional state and federal health care dollars that then flow back to the hospitals. Or something.

Apparently, fees like this are magically addictive, as State Sen. Judson Hill (R-east Cobb) declared his opposition to “federal crack dollars.” Speaker Ralston, however was both direct and more circumspect.

I’m not familiar with a hospital bed tax,” he said. “I know we have a Medicaid assessment fee that we’ve got to make a decision whether we’re going to renew or not.

Read the whole thing, and get ready for $300 million in budget cuts.


  1. GA Constitutionalist says:

    Horse Hockey…a government “tax” is a fee that is imposed on the civilian, non-government victim to involuntarily use government services. That is supposedly why we have taxes: to pay for government services.

    • Mike Stucka says:

      Involuntary? But I thought utilization of health care was an optional thing, like needing to drive on the roads. =)

  2. Joshua Morris says:

    Rep. Carl Rogers explained it to me this way: The state has been paying money to the federal government to get, in return, federal funding for hospitals. What has been called the ‘hospital bed tax’ is the state deciding that the hospitals can pay the money to the fed themselves for the returned federal funding.

    Something else to keep in mind: A former long-time state representative told me that Georgia non-profit hospitals, in 2010, held a verified $4 Billion, with a ‘B’, in offshore banks (caribbean islands, I think). There may be more out there. He tried to pass a bill that to be non-profit, a hospital would have to keep its holdings within the state, but it was determined to be unconstitutional. Imagine the economic boon that capital would help create in our state.

    Don’t let the hospitals fool you about the wealth they have been amassing from the healthcare system that we pay so dearly to access. Someone needs to hold them accountable.

  3. Samuel says:

    I guess David is afraid that Grover is listening! A pledge is a pledge and a tax is a tax and never the two shall meet!

  4. saltycracker says:

    The Obamacare fine is a tax but the bed tax is an assessment and a tax credit is a rebate if it is more than taxes paid.

    Is there a Federally funded Webster’s we can use ?

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