Morning Reads 11/28/12

Soon you can buy your Porsche made in North Georgia; good thing we’ve got us a speed trap.

There’s basically one hospital in Southwest Georgia; Phoebe Putney. Like a good poker player, they hold all the cards–or in this case all the little hospitals. But is the super-mega-huge-and-vast hospital a monopoly? The FTC says so.

If you haven’t bought a Power Ball ticket beware, some machines may not work. Unfortunately, some people would be more upset about this than a voting machine not working.

Could Georgia’s Immigration Crackdown Law go before the United States Supreme Court? Question 1) how much will we have to pay to challenge lower court rulings, and Question 2) is this the new plot-line for a Mel Brooks film?

Nuclear plant may not be ready to go until 2017. Must need more plutonium or something. Um, plutonium. Wait a minute. Are… Are you telling me that this sucker is nuclear?

Georgia, and 7 other states, reject “free” Medicaid money.

Georgia woman is now being prosecuted for racketeering scheme . . . in Michigan.

Meanwhile, Georgia teen allegedly kills father with a Samurai Sword.

Dunwoody dedicates Georgia’s first “diverging diamond” intersection. News flash, Ron Daniels papers said intersection with his business card for victims of automobile accidents caused by strange shape-based design.

Let’s talk about some football. Hey, everyone is doing it. Even Tech! Ideally, every Georgia team wins and gets big pay days. Too bad that won’t happen.

I think this song is apropos for many subjects of the last week. Saxby Chambliss’ current re-election strategy, chiefly.


  1. Ed says:

    Saxby, the Georgia Lion of the Senate, was on NPR this morning talking about how he is no longer BFFs with Grover Norquist.

    Anyway, listening to him I wondered why the GOP hasn’t put him behind a microphone more often nationally. He has a great demeanor, sounds good (unlike Mitch McConnell, ugh), he’s persuasive… it just makes no sense.

    Man. Pick a sporting season this year it looks like its going to be a bad year for the ACC.

  2. Ed says:

    Johnny just said on CNN:

    If we don’t get some resolution regarding Benghazi…I doubt [Susan Rice] will be nominated.”

    Rice “never really quite answered the question” about the attack.

    “She is a very smart, intelligent woman.”

    Administration needs to come forward, top down and have a convo about what went wrong. “There are a lot of people that need to be held accountable.”

    Rice was “put on the tip of the spear” by the administration, hence why she is getting pilloried.

    Until he gets better glasses he has no credibility with me.

    Also, Roland Martin is such a hack.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    Remember all those dire warnings that the hyper-macho military culture could never adjust to “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” repeal and hate crimes against gays would jam everything up?

    Yeah. Maybe not so much. Here’s a link to a video by a military unit in Afghanistan that is scene for scene the same as a video by the Dolphins cheerleaders.

  4. benevolus says:

    Doesn’t this count as a lie?

    “They did the right thing the last time, and it (banning earmarks) saved the taxpayers a very substantial amount of money, and it helped discipline federal spending somewhat,” he said.
    Sen. Patrick Toomey

    Banning earmarks doesn’t save money. Earmarks are not additional appropriations, they are just directing already approved appropriations. If legislators don’t earmark money it just means that the executive branch gets to decide how to spend it. But it still gets spent.

  5. redrock says:

    While it would be a good claim to have – they’re not making Porsches in Georgia. The North American office (which has been in Dunwoody for 14 years) is just building a new office space.

    • Ron Daniels says:

      I realize that, I also realize that GA-400 isn’t a speed trap.

      It just went together better like that as a good early morning joke/jolt to get people to read. 🙂

  6. SallyForth says:

    Has anybody heard from Calypso? How about we folks in the P/P community hold a seance to see if we can bring Calypso back from his post-election depression? Even I managed to get past my rants of those first few days, am on the road to recovery, manage a fairly sensible post from time to time now. Calypso, we miss your wit and your boat. Heck, we even miss the fun of having you get a whole thread stuck in italics!

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