Erick Erickson giving “Prayerful Consideration” To Primary Challenge Of Saxby Chambliss

So, I managed to catch the first hour of Erick Erickson’s show tonight.  He led off the show by stating that he has been approached by serious people asking him to consider a primary challenge to Senator Saxby Chambliss.  He says he hadn’t really been considering it, but will get with his wife and give it “prayerful consideration.”

I’ve traded a couple of texts with him and would say this isn’t a publicity stunt.  Nor has he decided he’s running and is being coy about it.  It’s something he needs to think about. So he will.

And given that RedState has been behind some successful (and unsuccessful) Republican primary challenges, it would appear that there is a network that could be quickly tapped for the marathon that will be this apparent campaign.

To put that into perspective, I’m about to make the annual trek to Callaway Gardens to look at Christmas lights.  We’ll not only have Christmas of 2013, but Easter of 2014 before anyone officially qualifies for this race.  It’s going to be a long one.  Pace yourselves accordingly.


  1. ryanhawk says:

    I wonder who qualifies as a “serious” person? I’m all for contested primaries but believe he would get steamrolled in a primary. Someone with money and a statewide organization already in place might have a shot… but I’m betting on Saxby against the field.

  2. Scott65 says:

    I dont know, but being that Erick has had some things to say in the past which would make him toast in a general election IMO. Lets also not forget, this is the guy (Saxby) who ran an ad comparing his opponent (Max Cleland) who lost multiple limbs defending this country, to Osama Bin Laden which to this day is the most disgusting ad I’ve ever seen in a political campaign. Imagine what he would put Erick through

    • Trey A. says:

      Not everyone has forgotten about that campaign, Scott. The ultimate irony–to me at least–is that Saxby “Trick Knee” Chambliss endorsed all that nonsense in 2002 to arrive at a point where people are attacking him from the right. He and Cleland are both moderates. Had he won, I can’t imagine Max’s voting record being all that much different than Saxby’s.

  3. jpmsouth says:

    Obviously with several shades of ‘conservative’ talking up a run against Chambliss, the Georgia Senior Senator should be recognizing he may have to live with his pledge he made to the GaGOP last election in exchange for their support. Good.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Erick? Run for Senate?……hmmmmmm…..thought provoking……..or just plain provoking.

      Who makes that plastic corrugated sheeting used for campaign signs? I want stock in that company if all of these people jump into the Senate race. I am still using Handel and McGinnite signs around my place. Last week I used one to pattern my new stubby pump shotgun. The week before I used one to catch dripping oil under a tractor…… and loose chicken feathers.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        The signs seemed to have been good investments. MacGinnitie’s in a plum position as Revenue Commissioner, and Handel doesn’t seem to be hurting.

  4. Romegaguy says:

    And if he gets elected will he leave the Senate if a tv or radio syndication gig comes along? And how many goats to US Senators get to fornicate?

  5. xdog says:

    Did Erick ever corral the black panther that was terrorizing his neighborhood? Too bad if not. Footage of that would make a great campaign spot — a dire threat to our way of life, a heroic resistance by The Candidate, his ultimate victory, all with a subtext that would wow the rubes.

  6. Bob Loblaw says:

    Glad he’s answering my challenge. Too bad he’s not a Republican from Metro-Atlanta, as he’s already said would be what it would take to “primary” Saxby.

    Hence the problem with Mr. Erickson. His mouth is so dang big that it’ll bury him.

  7. John Konop says:

    I have met Erick a few times at PP events. He is actually a very rational bright guy one on one talking policy, which I have told many people who look at me in shock. I do think Erick could win, the real question is would he be the pundit that spews Rush style talking points, or the rational bright guy if he won? If he did win and became the rational bright guy, he could be the new face of the GOP. Rather ironic that he would beat Saxby, because Saxby is being rational………………………

    • yellowhammer says:

      Well said, though I’m not sure he could win. I do believe he could drum up some support and run a decent campaign. He certainly possesses the talent to become an effective Senator, butI fear he’d camp out on the far right, throw barbs, give soundbites, and serve as another obstacle to breaking the gridlock in DC. We’ve got more than enough of those on both sides and I’d have a serious issue voting out Saxby, one of the few making any legitimate effort. I may not agree with every decision he’s made, but amidst all the finger-pointing, grandstanding, and refusal to seek common ground with the other side, he’s a breath of fresh air. The Senate has more than enough Feinsteins and DeMints.

    • Three Jack says:

      Saxby is being rational……

      Really? Giving in on the one major negotiation point with dems before negotiations begin is not rational, it is stupid. Saxby’s ‘gangs’ of fill in the number are a big reason why we ended up with the idiotic ‘super committee’ / sequestration agreement last year that created the so-called fiscal cliff. And never forget Mr. Rational voting for TARP and every pork laden ag bill ever introduced.

      Whether it is Erick, Karen, Tom, or Sam, Georgia will be better served than by re-electing Mr. Rational.

      • John Konop says:

        This is what Saxby supports, seems rational to me. BTW I bet the committee of CEO’s will support the same approach.

        ………..Two years ago the Fiscal Commission, chaired by Democrat Erskine Bowles and former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson, proposed every basic element of the fiscal cliff solution being discussed today.

        Their plan was a mixture of higher taxes, lower spending and the reform of Medicare and Social Security. Both men told us that sacrifice has to come from everyone.
        “All of us have to have some skin in the game to get it done,” Bowles said.
        “It’s called, ‘If you want something, pay for it,'” Simpson added. “It’s a sick idea, but it is an interesting idea.”

        Their biggest idea was to increase revenue by combining both President Barack Obama’s demand for higher taxes on the rich and the Republican proposal to get rid of tax loopholes. The Bowles-Simpson proposal would eliminate almost every tax deduction for individuals and corporations, with only a few exceptions for charity donations and home mortgage interest.
        “This stuff goes to the wealthiest people in America — 20 percent of the American people use 80 percent of that stuff,” Simpson said.

        “We have $1.1 trillion of loopholes, of backdoor spending, in the tax code,” said Bowles. “And that’s what we said — let’s start with a plan that wipes those out.”

        The plan also called for deep spending cuts — $200 billion a year — and streamlined both the Pentagon and the federal bureaucracy. Medicare and Social Security would, over time, reduce benefits given to higher-income families.

        “I think most people understand that Medicare has to be part of the deal, and most people believe today that you ought to do Social Security on a parallel track,” Bowles said………

        • Three Jack says:


          Simpson-Bowles as a framework is fine, but it appears that Saxby and a few other senators are giving in on taxes before negotiating the more important spending cuts. As you know, the GOP has done this previously only to join with dems after taxes increase to find more ways to spend the increased revenue instead of cutting/reforming government. This is not a rational approach to such serious negotiations.

          If the GOP is going to simply cave in as Saxby has done, then do it 100% and just get out of the way. There will be little to no leverage if taxes are already decided before spending reforms are discussed.

  8. SouthMouth says:

    Bleh, the thought of Erickson representing me in DC makes me ill. I prefer someone who is more concerned with policy than his twitter feed.

    I actually wouldn’t mind Erickson running so all his dirty laundry could be aired out in front of Georgia and to see all the crazies crawl out of the woodwork to support him. I will happily be on the sideline pointing and laughing.

  9. Nonchalant says:

    Not sureof the timeline, but I understand Erickson is now “strongly considering” after having talked to people “today”.

    I would take his entry as a sign that Georgia really isn’t going to be anything but a bunch of middle-weight white Christian male-types of moderate talent trying to rule in all things, whenever possible.

    Until the Democrats take over, that is, and put that kind of thing out of action.

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