Morning Reads For Wednesday November 21, 2012

On Thanksgiving Eve let’s remember the many blessings we all enjoy in this great country of ours. Sure we’ve got problems, very serious ones, but with history as a guide and the courage to make tough choices we can solve our problems and move ahead. Reach out to a neighbor in need and I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving Day surrounded by family and friends.

Georgia Items
– Piedmont Healthcare and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta disagree over renewing the so-called bed tax.
– Deal to ask for $50 million more for the Savannah Port deepening.
– Atlanta Business Chronicle: Metro population reaches 5.48 million, and there were fewer mass layoffs in October 2012 than October 2011.
– 28,467 Georgia households could be effected by an online security breach at Nationwide Insurance.
– Sen. Chip Rogers does not think President Obama uses mind control. Sure, it was dumb to have that briefing but the people who recorded the video are attempting to sell the story that because seven Senators were in attendance all Georgia Republicans are slope-headed extremist rednecks. Republicans in Georgia need to remember politics is war by other means. Let’s be smarter and fight back against lies and distortions.

National/International Items
– Something I plan to watch today: “Does Capitalism Have A Soul?” Arthur Brooks v. Jim Wallis.
– The end of the Ames Straw Poll?
– Public nudity outlawed in San Francisco with some exceptions.
– Hamas wants a ground war?
– Hostess and it’s Unions started talking again after the company said it would close it’s doors. However, late Tuesday the talks reportedly fell apart.
– A controversy has erupted over Marco Rubio’s non-answer answer to the question of the age of the earth. It turns out the President dodges scientific questions too. Are these really the kinds of questions politicians and candidates need to answer at this moment in our nation’s history?
– Matt Lewis says Rubio should have remembered faith and science don’t have to be at odds. Tech Crunch weighs in, as does Erick Erickson.

Other Items
– Jack Taylor scored 138 points to lead Grinnell to a 179-104 win over Faith Baptist Bible. Yes, that’s a NCAA record.
– The 5-4 Hawks have won three in a row and face the winless Wizards tonight at Phillips.
– At 9-1, the Falcons sit at #2 in ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings.
– Fox buys 49% of the YES Network as it builds strength to take on ESPN.
– Tech and UGA kickoff at Noon on Saturday. Tech hopes to have leading rusher Orwin Smith in the lineup.


  1. xdog says:

    Good morning Buzz.

    How about you identify those seven Senators who attended Chip Rogers’ seance and we’ll decide for ourselves if they’re slope-headed extremist rednecks.

    It looks like Faith Baptist Bible needed some more faith, or at least better players.

    GATA! Have a great Thanksgiving.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Seven Senators are what, 20% of the caucus? Factor in the need to prioritize time and scheduling conflicts, and anti-Agenda 21 nuttery May be a significant element within the GaGOP.

  2. Ed says:

    ” Sure, it was dumb to have that briefing but the people who recorded the video are attempting to sell the story that because seven Senators were in attendance

    Uh, dude… that’s 12.5% of the state senate, and more than 35% of the GOP caucus. That’s pretty significant.

    “Let’s be smarter and fight back against lies and distortions.”

    Yeah, how about you just double down on the former, and then you won’t have to worry about the latter.

    Seriously bro, if you don’t want to get called out for being stupid there’s a simple solution.

    Don’t be stupid and don’t have your leaders espouse stupidity.

  3. Andre says:

    Tuesday, the Georgia Sheriff’s Association asked Gov. Deal to suspend Victor Hill, pending the disposition of the trial where Hill faces more than two dozen felony charges. Hill’s attorney, Drew Findling, said in response to the Sheriff’s Association, “I think [Clayton County residents] are entitled to have a sheriff that reflects their choice, not the choice of white people.”

    Quite frankly, I would not be surprised if Victor Hill launches a public relations campaign intended to rile up the black folks in Clayton County over a “blatant power grab from a white, Republican governor and his minions at the Georgia Sheriff’s Association.”

    The groundwork has been laid with twenty-one words from Hill attorney Drew Findling.

  4. Ed says:

    On Sportscenter this morning, guess what was the #2 top play?

    Georgia State’s buzzer-beater victory.

    Teams not on the SC Top Plays this week:
    UGA (Bulldogs)
    Ga Southern (whatever they are)
    Georgia Tech (pick a name: Ramblin’ Wreck, Yellow Jackets, Perennial Second-Bests [ok so the last one is my apt creation])
    Mercer (Bears)
    Emory (can you make it for intramural sports?)
    Point University (I read in the AJC they have a football team)

    • Awaiting your response to the rumor that Shane Beamer might be your new football coach.

      Oh and our hoops team is undefeated. Join with me as we laugh at that so called basketball team from Athens.

  5. mountainpass says:


    November 21, 2012 7:30 pm – 7:50 pm: On November 21, 2012 at approximately 9: 32 pm Officers responded to East Georgia Regional Medical Center Emergency Room in reference to a reported incident of rape. The victim advised she was walking between University Villas buildings #363 & #364 when a black male, tall, heavy set, short hair and a small head compared to his body size, physically restrained her and raped her. The victim advised that the offender did not have a weapon. Anyone having information on this incident is asked to contact the Georgia Southern University Police at 478-5234.

    Safety Tips:
    Avoid walking alone at late hours.
    If you need to walk alone let a friend know.
    Always be cautious of your environment.
    Never be afraid to ask for assistance.
    Walk in well-lit areas.
    Contact the GSU Police for a Service Officer Escort.
    Contact the GSU Police for any suspicious incident/activity.

  6. saltycracker says:

    Lincoln is a good movie to take in over the weekend. A visionary can accomplish great things for politicians to undo over time.

  7. Ben says:

    Hmmm… – “28,467 Georgia households could be effected…”
    Really? How are households effected?

    I think that households could be affected…

  8. CCFRG says:

    So Chip Rogers is comparing himself to George Washington?

    What a nut, he was tossed by his own caucus. Only thing he founded was a seedy 900 line and the persona Will the Winner.

    Will should come back, Chip wasn’t as much of a loser back then.

    • benevolus says:

      Don’t forget his other persona- MicroChip!
      Sounds like a super hero. Bookie by day, fighting implants by night!

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