Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

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Not Here:

  • Eventually everything fails (Wired)
  • Time marches on but human’s intelligence trails (TheIndependent)
  • Canine Index trailing indicator of country’s wealth score (WaPo)
  • No matter what happens, Hamas won the war, (ForeignPolicy)
  • Is it Game Over for Grover?  (Salon)
  • When the election was actually called, or media as drover (Bloomberg)
  • Cuban Americans voting patterns far from cemented (MiamiHerald)
  • Esquire asks: Is the Republican party demented? (Esquire)
Bonus:  Elberton is Cheese Capital of the South (AthensBannerHerald)
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      • mountainpass says:

        Sorry bossman.


        On 11/18/2012 at approximately 7:40 pm the Statesboro Police Department responded to The Grove apartments, 1150 Brampton Avenue, apartment #944 in reference to an armed robbery with a gun. The victim stated five unknown masked black males entered his residence without permission, brandished firearms, and then struck the victim several times with the firearms on the face. Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact the Statesboro Police Department at 764-9911 or the Georgia Southern University Police at 478-5234.

        Safety Tips:
        Keep your doors locked at all times.
        Never open the door without knowing who is on the outside.
        Never open the door for strangers.
        Call the police immediately for suspicious persons/activities.”

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          Other Safety Tips:
          1) Never sell marijuana and other illegal drugs out of your apartment on another drug dealer’s territory.
          2) Never sell illegal drugs out of your own apartment.
          3) Never sell illegal drugs without being heavily armed, first.
          4) Call the police immediately for suspicious persons/activities…Unless, of course, you are the suspicious person engaging in suspicious activities, which in that case refer to #3.

    • Stefan says:

      stadium piece got posted yesterday, but yeah, I agree, we need to talk about the stadium coming out of Thanksgiving (that’s what we call, in media parlance, a tease).

    • Stefan says:

      I am of the opinion that only those born in the original 13 states are eligible for the Presidency. Clearly the founders did not include an archipelago that hadn’t even been discovered by Europeans in their definition of the United States. So, all you needed to say was “he was born in Hawaii”.

          • Harry says:

            Instead of making such faulty sidetracks, you should rather attempt to refute the specific content of the affidavit.

            • Ed says:

              He doesn’t need to refute the specific content of the affidavit.

              KNOWN FACT: Hawaii would not have been considered part of the U.S., even if you had briefed the Founding Fathers on its existence.

              Thus, “born in Hawaii” is enough to prove that Obama is an illegal alien who has usurped the White House.

              KNOWN FACT 2: I am never wrong.

            • David C says:

              Trivia Question: First President born outside the Original 13 states, and this the first dangerous usurper of the Constitution, according to Stefan?

              Followup: How many of Stefan’s usurper Presidents have there been? Name them.

              • Stefan says:

                Ok with me in reverse chronological order: Bush, Bush, Carter, Kennedy, Roosevelt,

                Not ok: Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Truman

                Who would you rather?

              • Baker says:

                this is a good trivia question: Lincoln wasn’t born in the original 13. I was thinking maybe Andrew Jackson with the Tennessee connection, but it’s Lincoln.

                Further proof, Obama = Lincoln…..

                • Stefan says:

                  My recollection of a few of the above was wrong, but it doesn’t change their category. Bush I was Massachusetts and not Connecticut, and Eisenhower is Texas, not Kansas.

                  I get Andrew Johnson (of Tennessee) and Andrew Jackson (of Tennessee) confused. Btw, this is the wikipedia entry for Andrew Jackson’s birth location: “Waxhaws border region between The Carolinas (exact location disputed)”

                  Jackson might be the only President that passes my test but fails the more standardized one. He was born in an area covered by the original thirteen colonies, but between states and before the creation of the nation.

                  Sheriff Arpaio is cc’ed on this comment in the hopes he will follow up.

    • AMB says:

      So this deputy conned two trips to Hawaii out of this false birther nonsense? Well done. Well done, indeed. Who paid for those trips?

    • ricstewart says:

      Arpaio… you mean the guy with 40,000 unserved felony arrest warrants in his county?
      Please forgive me if I have difficulty taking him seriously.

  1. Ed says:

    KNOWN FACT: Joe Biden is 70.

    Pretty sure being POTUS until your 80s is not a good idea, just a thought for the next election.

  2. saltycracker says:

    The conclusion in the linked story on Hamas is very plausible.
    “The conundrum is crystal clear: Hamas won’t make peace with Israel, and Abbas can’t. The way forward is much less so.”

    The US and its fading allies on peace in the Middle East like Turkey and Egypt address all their concerns to Israel. None are firm telling the Hamas to stop lobbing Iranian rockets by the hundreds on Israel.

    • Stefan says:

      I agree with you, but additionally the US cannot speak directly with Hamas and telling them through intermediaries who have no coercive power isn’t getting it done.

      • saltycracker says:

        True however the sympathies for Arab Spring, including terrorists, are in the wind.
        Egypt will broker a cease fire to allow Iran time to reload the Hamas.

  3. saltycracker says:

    The Miami article on 47 % of Cubans voting Democratic is not good for Republicans. These immigrants are freedom loving Americans of the first order. The concern for the white panther tea party image that all Hispanics look illegally alike needs changing.

    • John Konop says:


      If you look at the numbers in the last election it is clear Romney lost via the Latino vote. If Romney had even gotten the numbers McCain had 31% he would be president. When you combine that with younger people being libertarian about social issues, Asian the fastest growing immigration group voting like Latinos, and Lation Americans turning 18 at 50k a month, this is very toxic formula for the GOP. The answer is simple focus on financial solution and chill out on social politics and immigration. The father of the conservative movement warned the GOP about social politics…………

      Barry Goldwater:

      ………. Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell’s opposition to the nomination of Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court, of which Falwell had said, “Every good Christian should be concerned”, Goldwater retorted: “Every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the ass……….

      ……….. criticized the military’s ban on homosexuals:[59] “Everyone knows that gays have served honorably in the military since at least the time of Julius Caesar.”[65] He also said, “You don’t need to be ‘straight’ to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight……….

      …… Goldwater endorsed an Arizona initiative to legalize medical marijuana against the countervailing opinion of social conservatives….

        • John Konop says:

          Times have changed…………….I do think it was partially the tone, but it also got voters focused on the policy. I do think the future winning formula is fiscally conservative combined with a libertarian view on social policy. Ron Paul did well with young voters, but they hit the road in masses in the general. A moderate version of Ron Paul would of beaten Obama ie Chris Christie…….

          • Baker says:

            I’m totally in favor of Chris Christie, but he’s not all that libertarian on social policy. He just doesn’t get forced to talk about it all the time, and he is good at not getting bogged down into that stuff.

          • Baker says:

            With the exception of immigration policy, whatever actual policy there is, I think everything else Repubs got in trouble for last election was absolutely tone or just bull-in-a-china-shop ways of talking about things.

  4. atlanta_advocate says:

    John Konop:

    The people who keep claiming that if the GOP goes liberal on social issues they will win … just how will the GOP replace the tens of millions of social conservative voters in their base? The folks who will either A) stay home or B) start – or start back! – voting Democrat if social issues are taken off the table?

    • Harry says:

      You think you’ve got us on the horns of a dilemma. Let me remind you, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

    • Three Jack says:

      Smart GOPers realize you don’t have to go ‘liberal’ on social issues, just shut the f up when asked about it if you are running in a major race. Of course the lack of smart GOPers tends to diminish their influence within the ranks of party faithful who generally place bedroom policing policies over fiscal matters.

    • ricstewart says:

      If the GOP becomes socially liberal, we’ll just have two parties who are both fiscally liberal and socially liberal.

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