There Remain Democrats in the Legislature

As such, the party needs to elect its leaders in both chambers.

Today, the Senate Democrats made few changes to its leadership, Horacena Tate becomes the caucus chair, with Nan Orrock replacing her as secretary being the only changes I see.

Full results here.

Two things about the news–one being that Fulton is solidly in charge of the caucus now and perhaps we have a preview of messaging to come from Senate Democrats with this graph at the very end of the press release: “The Senate Democratic Caucus elections were open to the public and media at the Georgia State Capitol.” Transparency and ethics. A long time coming…

Also, Sen. Tate is apparently the first woman to chair a caucus in the senate.

On the House-side of things, chaos and drama ruled the day last Monday with two members of leadership not returning  to the legislature and a challenge to chairman Brian Thomas.

In the end, a new chair, vice chair and treasurer were elected (also, I believe Scott Holcomb was elected to the newly-created post of  chief deputy whip, but I could be wrong about the nascent nature of the position.)

Galloway has the complete leadership and some of the dramaz behind the machinations.

An aside about the elections–David Wilkerson is the new treasurer. He defeated Don Wix in 2010 who…was also treasurer. As goes GA HD 33 so goes the House Democratic Treasury?

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  1. atlanta_advocate says:

    As much as I dislike the RPoG, the DPoG is honestly worse. The “two Georgias” issue puts an issue that they could use to increase their power and perhaps get back into power is right in their hands. Rural Georgia – or to be more accurate Georgia outside metro Atlanta – has major needs: education, economic development, transportation, health care, social services … even communications infrastructure. This link: really is just part of the huge problem. The DPoG could gain real headway, become relevant again, and probably even get back into power – or at least power sharing – by trying to create a coalition of rural Georgians and Fulton-Clayton-DeKalb. Especially since rural Georgia contains a large number of the Democrats’ constituencies and causes (low income women, blacks, Hispanics, migrant workers, elderly, disabled, children). But nope. The DPoG kisses those voters off and shows them the back of the hand. Doesn’t even try to recruit them or advocate their issues. All the DPoG cares about is urban Atlanta, and they make that loud and clear, including alienating rural Georgians with their social issues and their rhetoric to boot.

    If you live outside metro Atlanta, the DPoG and the RPoG have you caught between a rock and a hard place.

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