On The Kudzu Vine Tonight

I’ll be joining the notorious Democrats of the Kudzu Vine tonight at 7pm. They, of course, would be David McLaughlin, Tim Shiflett, and Catherin Smith.  The Kudzu Vine is a blogtalk radio program that airs every Sunday night at that time. They cover much of the Southern region, but all are Georgia based.

Tonight’s topics will include the future of the GOP and Democrats in Georgia, the aftermath of the election in Georgia 12 (Apparently not enough people feared the tractor), the National GOP’s problems (message, tactics, demographics, messengers, or…?), has the South regionalized itself, and whatever else the gang choses to throw at me.

You can find the program here (Stitcher) or here (BlogTalk Radio).

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  1. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    “Apparently not enough people feared the tractor”

    Oh, people feared it alright. The thought of Tractor Man representing the district sent chills down the spine of even the most loyal R voters.

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