Republic of Georgia!

Official White house Response to “Peacefully grant the State of Georgia to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.”

The Republic of Georgia has been created!


Thank you for your interest in seceding from the Union. We appreciate your participation in the “We the People” platform on and your concerns about the composition of our nation.

Unfortunately, since we already made a ton of flag pins with 50 stars on them, and since there are many people within the boundaries of the actual state of Georgia who wish to continue to be Americans, we cannot allow the entire state to be severed at this time.

However, by and through the auspices of the United Nations, we have created a country of Georgia that you may do with as you wish.

Here is its present location, but you may petition neighboring states to expand or contract its borders as necessary.

Here is your new President. His complexion may be more to your liking.

Again, thank you for your interest in our nation.


Barack Obama


Tell us what you think about this petition response and We the People.


  1. Trey A. says:

    Ah, Georgia! Or as the locals call it, Sakartvelo. The homeland of my former Peach Pundit alter-ego, Zaza Pachulia. I actually lived in the Republic of Georgia for about 4 months in 2007. Beautiful place–absolutely gorgeous. If you can swing a trip, do so. Great food, very hospitable people and the only thing they love more than booze is America/Americans. The only modern highway in the country is named George W. Bush Highway. Misha Saakashvili (pictured above with the token of his peaceful Rose Revolution) was recently voted out of office. It’s a pretty conservative country with not a lot of government expenses/infrastructure. Gun ownership is encouraged (in case the Russians invade again) and it’s pretty friendly to business–as long as you know the right people. Per capita income is a little low, though–about $4k.

  2. AMB says:

    Gun ownership is encouraged (in case the Russians invade again) and it’s pretty friendly to business–as long as you know the right people. Per capita income is a little low, though–about $4k.

    Sounds like Gwinnett County.

      • Baker says:

        death by a thousand cuts….these “tongue-in-cheek” things add up and then pretty soon you’ve got a narrative…

        one doesn’t want to be humorless though, i don’t know answer.

        • Stefan says:

          If you can’t find secession, suggested resumption of Civil War, careful study of the Constitution to determine whether or not the word “United” is a modifier or unrelated to the word “States”, confirmation bias, and generally uninformed dialogue amusing, well, you should not read my episode recaps of Homeland. Or my posts here either, I suppose.

        • atlanta_advocate says:


          Conservatives claim that blacks and Hispanics vote Democrat because they are freeloaders who want welfare (makers vs. takers) all the time, and it isn’t “tongue in cheek” when they do. If Ronald Reagan kicking off his 1980 presidential campaign in tiny Philadelphia, Mississippi (infamous only for the murder of civil rights workers Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney, depicted in “Mississippi Burning”) with a pro-states rights speech and peppering his campaign speeches with references to “Chicago welfare queens” isn’t creating a narrative, I don’t know what is.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Looked around the cooks meeting this afternoon. Saw a lot of saddy face southern boys. I’m sorely tempted to walk about the National BBQ Cup in Cumming tomorrow with a video camera and ask the portly Euro heritages males just what exactly do they think of Bronco Bamma.

    But I’m not in the mood to get my ass kicked, heh.

    Meanwhile, in Canada….

    • Charlie says:

      Ah, it’s the seasonal “Peach Pundit has gone way down hill” comment from Doug. Must be time to change the batteries in the smoke detector or something.

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