Sad Farewell to Georgia Political & Policy Digest

Sadly, Georgia news-hounds will have one less site to visit daily. The Georgia Political & Policy Digest site, published by Fitzpatrick & Lewis Public Relations, posted a farewell message this morning:


Dear Friends,

Georgia Daily Digest and Georgia Political Digest will cease publication on Friday, November 16.

Fitzpatrick and Lewis Public Relations began publishing the digests eight years ago as a free service for people with an interest in Georgia news and information. At the time, we noticed that many people were disconnected from the events and news that occurred throughout this great state, and we sought to provide a connection. We had no idea how successful we would be. On our first day, we had just a handful of readers, and we grew to become a daily must-read for elected officials, civic leaders, journalists, business leaders, lobbyists and educators. We have enjoyed becoming friends with many of them. We also benefited from this endeavor. Fitzpatrick & Lewis has become a well-known and successful consultancy as a result of producing the digests each day.

But, as George Harrison said, “All things must pass.” Our decision to cease publication is a result of our expanded consultancy as well as the fact that Georgia’s daily newspapers have begun to go behind ‘pay walls.’ We understand the financial pressures on these newspapers in the ever-changing news industry, but we lament losing the ability to refer our readers to the volume of readable stories that we once had access to.

Someone may know of an idea that might make it possible once again to bridge our communities and the news that comes from each of them. We welcome and encourage anyone who wants to try. We’ll be happy to help. These web sites, the brand, and our email list are available for sale to anyone who’s crazy enough to want to get up each morning to provide a free news service.

We appreciate your loyal readership and kind, encouraging words over the last eight years. And we extend our best wishes and thanks to everyone.

Sandy Fitzpatrick & Randy Lewis
Fitzpatrick & Lewis Public Relations, Atlanta

Good luck and Godspeed!


  1. jpmsouth says:

    To Our Friends @ the Daily Digest; Our (as in the citizen’s of our State) loss. I personally depended on the Georgia Daily Digest to reap my news, especially during Session. Thank you as a citizen to better understand the issues facing our State.

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