And the New Republican Conference Chair of the United States House of Representatives is…

Drum roll please…

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers of Washington State.

Wagers now being taken on whether Rep. Price runs for Sen. Chambliss’ seat.


  1. xdog says:

    Do they release a vote count in these caucus elections?

    Will this be considered either a victory for Boehner or a loss for Ryan, or will all gopers be friends again tomorrow?

    • IndyInjun says:

      Food looters will be aligned in cross hairs.

      Saxby and Deal are very, very vulnerable, politically. I look for both to get the boot.

      The GOP is in full meltdown mode from electing folks who don’t remotely resemble what that party – I won’t call it my party anymore – represented itself to be.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        Indy, that’s not good because if what you predict is turns out to be the case, I get the nagging feeling that someone like Kasim Reed or Jason Carter could very well be preceded by the title of “Governor” one day in the future…and we would likely have nothing but the sky-high Northeastern-style taxes to show for it.

        I sure do hope that the Georgia GOP does not (continue to) screw this up to the point of ending up out of power one day, but I am not really all that optimistic.

        • John Konop says:


          The GOP will have no issues here until 2 more presidential election cycles in my opinion. The only exception is if Hillary runs and the GOP goes nasty crazy on her, and they blow up the women vote. She will naturally get women who want to see female president, but the hate spewing could create enough wings that Georgia could even go for her, which could push the right Democrat statewide over the top. For this to work in my opinion the candidate would have to be a John Barrow, Carol Porter……. type that has rural support as well.

          • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

            Mr. Konop, I definitely hear what you are saying, though a major part of my concerns are that, with the current well-documented ethically-challenged climate in a Georgia political scene that is currently dominated by the GOP, there could be either a really big ethics scandal or even a series of really big ethics scandals that combines with continued and in some cases, accelerating, demographic changes in the Metro Atlanta region to help sweep the Georgia GOP out of power rather abruptly at anytime.

            One situation that should be of special concern to the Georgia GOP is in the Republican stronghold of Gwinnett County where there have been a series of local ethics scandals within and around the Republican-dominated county Board of Commissioners.

            The Gwinnett BoC and Gwinnett’s state and federal legislative delegations may be dominated by white Republicans, but the county’s continuously changing and increasingly ultra-diverse demographics in which non-Hispanic whites now makeup only 43% of Gwinnett County’s population, is, along with the continued ethical mishaps, a sign that continued Republican dominance of the county’s political structure could be in very serious doubt moving forward.
            (Also note in that U.S. Census QuickFacts link that I posted that non-Hispanic whites now makeup only 55.5% of the population of the entire STATE OF GEORGIA.)

            The fact that non-Hispanic whites now makeup only 55.5% of the population of the entire State of Georgia becomes even all the more concerning for the Georgia GOP when considering that two other traditionally socially-conservative Southern states which recently became swing states due to massive influxes of Northern transplants, North Carolina and Virginia, both have substantially higher populations of non-Hispanic whites than Georgia.

            In North Carolina, non-Hispanic whites makeup 65% of that state’s current population. In Virginia, non-Hispanic whites makeup 64.5% of that state’s current population compared to Georgia where non-Hispanic whites makeup only 55.5% of the state’s current population.

            Besides just Gwinnett, the rapidly-changing demographics in other traditionally predominantly white suburban counties also show increasing signs of possible major trouble ahead for the Georgia GOP.

            Just last week there was an entry here on Peach Pundit about Metro Atlanta suburban Rockdale County being in the process of actively turning from being a suburban county dominated by white Republicans to one being dominated by black Democrats because of continued population growth and the resulting massive shift in demographics to being a county in which non-Hispanic whites now makeup only about 40% of the population.

            In addition to Rockdale, non-Hispanic whites now makeup only 52% of the population in neighboring East Metro exurban Newton County, 52% of the population in South Metro outer suburban Henry County and 49% of the population in West Metro suburban Douglas County.

            Non-Hispanic whites still makeup 56% of the population in the mega-suburb of Cobb County, which has traditionally been even more of a proudly conservative/Republican stronghold than more highly-populated Gwinnett, so the GOP can probably hold out there for a little longer than they can in the other aforementioned traditionally predominantly-white outer suburban counties, but not necessarily forever with the continued rapid population growth that continues at a relatively high rate despite the economic downturn.

            Mr. Konop, you likely are correct that the GOP will have no issues in Georgia until about 2020 or so, but the numbers and demographics say that the Georgia GOP may possibly already be in much more trouble than they themselves and most onlookers seem to think.

            Right now, it seems that the only thing keeping Georgia from being a swing state along with its MUCH WHITER Southern breathen of North Carolina and Virginia and keeping the Georgia GOP from being in a much more threatened position like the party has become in NC and VA is the virtual total and complete lack of Democrat Party organization or structure at the state level in Georgia.

            The fact that the Democrat Party, for all intents and purposes, is pretty much nonexistent at the state level in Georgia, seems to have given the ruling Republican Party in Georgia an increasingly perilously dangerous false sense of invincibility.

            Instead of being invincible, the reality may be that the seemingly unquestioned dominance of the Georgia GOP may be becoming increasingly much more vunerable then they think with each continued passing governing and ethical misstep as the demographics of the state, particularly around Metro Atlanta, change by the day in favor of the seemingly completely defunct Democrats.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Tacky. You get classy before you call anyone out. The Caucus voted, not the Speaker. Or, maybe he did? Then you’d call that leadership. Unless you just want to start trouble. Price is establishment. He was the original GOP Majority Leader. Been establishment forever. You idiot TEA Partiers that think that he’s some kind of SuperConservativeMan are new to the game. And wrong.

  2. Serious question for Charlie and other political experts:

    How do you simply stay in the same U.S. House that just rejected your leadership promotion? He has been at the leadership tables for a while now, and it will be a pretty hard pill to swallow just being a rank and file Member of Congress again, right?

    At the same time, he won’t beat a sitting U.S. Senator. Anyone with dreams of knocking off Saxby or Johnny are being naive. It won’t happen.

    • Three Jack says:

      Price could mount a serious challenge to Chambliss, but I believe he (and Georgia) would be better served by taking on the governor. While Price is not a “SuperConservativeMan” as Boblaw points out, he could be the smarter conservative against Deal.

    • tdk790 says:

      Are you suggesting Price challenge Deal instead? He’s built quite the coalition to be a serious challenger to either. By the way, incumbent Senators have taken a beating lately for better or worse. Look it up.

  3. NorthGAGOP says:

    Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. I believe that Price could “transfer” his COH from his US House race to a US Senate race. If that’s true he and Chambliss start on about equal footing from a money perspective.

    I don’t think price could move the money to a Governors race.

    If Price does primary Chambliss, the question becomes who runs for his seat. Handel, Jones, Albers?

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