GA 12: Shooting the Wounded

Overheard in a hospitality suite last Tuesday night: “When I saw that map, I said you could get a brain-dead monkey to win as a Republican in that district. I never dreamed they would actually find one and TRY!”

Response, from a Republican elected statewide: “Yeah, I sure woulda liked to pick up another congressional seat. But not as much as I liked seeing that fat b—–d lose another one.

The regional newspapers have not been any more forgiving. From the Augusta Chronicle:

Clearly, the inarticulate Anderson’s strategy of laying low – not debating Barrow and, worse, not making himself available to say much more than “hello” to the media – crippled his campaign and torpedoed his image.

“Lee Anderson ran the worst campaign of all time,” one normally soft-spoken political observer told us.

…Who fashioned this campaign? Samuel Morse?”

The Columbia County News-Times, meanwhile, blames the tractor and the candidate and the “campaign handlers” who didn’t let Lee Anderson debate John Barrow.

“…the ploy made it obvious that Anderson (or, more likely, his hired campaign handlers) feared a debate.

At that point, instead of the tractor being seen as a symbol of an honest hay farmer, it started to brand Anderson as a hayseed. Gwen Fulcher-Young, putative Republican, famously fanned that flame by comparing Anderson to redneck child star Honey Boo Boo (who got two write-in votes in Columbia County in the race, by the way).

If Anderson decides to try again, I strongly suggest he ignore the high-paid handlers, debate Barrow and spend time playing to his strength by meeting those voters.

It’s been said that ‘success has a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan.’ But they’re not saying that in this instance.



  1. GOPundit says:

    Mike this was almost as enjoyable to read as your rant on the DeKalb County tax assessments for Brookhaven.

  2. drjay says:

    it is disappointing that a mustache that magnificent will not be in dc now because it was attached to such a picture of ineptitude…

  3. bullFrog says:

    I can’t remember who delivered the line: “Lee Anderson never met two syllables he couldn’t trip over.” It was the best analysis of the races I followed.

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