Thank You

I don’t have any sort of long entry to make you reflect upon today.  All I have to offer is my utmost respect and gratitude to the veterans of our United States Armed Forces.

To all who heard the call and served (past, present, and future) our great nation in uniform:  Thank you.


  1. Rick Day says:

    *shrug* it was a job we did. Almost all of us chose to serve, as opposed to random lottery drafts. Almost all made it through as if just another job that supplies uniforms. A few left some of themselves at their base of action. Some left everything.

    This is the day we remember the ones who just did the job; was there if needed, but generally kept things running and polished until they REALLY were needed.

    So yeah, you’re welcome, but the real thanks to those who served in the military comes on Memorial Day. We did a job. Others become statistics, disabilities, casualties. To some…victims. I’ll leave that pointless discussion for lesser minds to quibble.

    I can dream of a day when we have no military, only teen video game contractors running drone flight stations *pewpew*

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