Tom Graves For Chairman Of Republican Study Committee

I wrote previously on Tom’s boost for his bid to become the next Chairman of the Republican Study Committee in the US House by gaining the support of former RSC leadership. There will be a vote on November 14th to elect a new RSC leader. Daniel Horowitz over at our sister blog RedState has a good write up of why Congressman Tom Graves needs to be the next RSC chairman. Congressman Steve Scalise is also seeking the RSC chairmanship, but might buckle under pressure from House GOP leadership. We need a strong conservative who will be willing to stand on principle against the Speaker if the need arises. He proved it under the Gold Dome, and I believe he’ll do it in Washington. Tea Partiers, encourage your congressman (if he’s an RSC member, that is) and urge him to support Tom Graves for RSC chairman.

Tom’s Video pitch:


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