Morning Reads 11/7/2012

“Hey, what do you know. Looks like the sun is coming up after all. It’s another day the Lord has made. Suck it up and be glad in it.” – a great scholar.

President Obama has clinched a second term in Office; somewhere, off in the distance, Newt Gingrich defines “askance.”

Georgia passes Charter School Amendment, John Barrows defeated Lee Anderson, and Sanford Bishop steam-rolled his challenger du jour. You either had a really good day yesterday, or a really bad day.

This murder suspect in Fulton County was “mistakenly released,” hopefully they weren’t trying to let him vote.

Even on election day, you can’t sell fake football tickets.

Incumbents were not safe yesterday. Not even in Central Georgia. The Macon Judicial Circuit lost a fine District Attorney.

Georgia Power countersues Westinghouse. Grab the popcorn, this could be fun.

Governor Deal’s judicial nominating commission receives a list of 75 potential suitors seeking to replace Judge Adams.

Speaking of Judges, what will the Georgia Supreme Court do with the Girls Gone Wild case?

Doughtery County School System placed on high risk list.

But, hey, at least we’ve got a good peanut crop this year.

I suppose this will suffice for “reading music” for the day. Keep your head up, Biden is Obama’s Dick Cheney. Now neither party has a candidate anyone can get excited about.


  1. Noway says:

    Bill O’Reilly said it succinctly last night on Fox News: “The people like their stuff.” Both parties have been buying votes since FDR began social security. This will not end. Ever. Period. Our country will shortly bankrupt itself and literally die. As much of a Republican as I am, it isn’t Obama’s fault. He just did what he needed to do to get elected. People will continue to raid the wallets of the productive to get benefits they do not deserve and have not earned. Stick a fork in us. We’re done.

    • Scott65 says:

      I get so sick of the “bankrupt” stuff. A country that has Sovereign Currency cannot go broke since they and they alone control the currency. If a bill comes due…we print money to pay it…it really isnt that difficult to understand if you try. Oh, and before you inflationistas start your screeching …where is the inflation?? You need low unemployment and high demand of which we have neither. We haven’t seen appreciable inflation in a very long time

      • Noway says:

        Why do you think the gov’t hasn’t already simply printed $16 trillion dollars and wiped the national debts out? According to you, that would solve the problem. Why haven’t all of our former treasury secretaries taken to the podium and “solved” the problem?

      • David C says:

        Actually, Scott’s right. A country that has control of its own currency and is a large enough economy is by and large immune from the kind of ‘debt crunches’ afflicting the worst off parts of the eurozone. Greece is the exception, a country facing a soverign debt crisis in the Eurozone that was fiscally irresponsible in the runup to the recession. But Italy and Greece were not: their deficits were manageable before the recession (by virtue of revenue slowdown) mangled them. But because they don’t have control of their own currency, investors doubt their ability to pay them back and drive up interest rates. The UK and US have also been running large deficits in the crisis, but interest rates on US debt have never been lower (the UK has been similarly blessed) because ultimately both possess the power of the printer: they can expand the money supply on their own to meet the needs of the economy and match their deficits. And inflation as relates to debt is not a dirty word: It’s one way the US paid off the World War II debt, something that at the time grew from 40 to 120% of GDP over a few short years but ultimately was paid off through inflation and long term growth in the economy, not austerity budget surpluses or harsh cuts beyond demobilization.

  2. Noway says:

    Let me ask you another question that goes right along with your idiotic statement, Scott. Since your astounding mental gymnastics say, according to you, it’s OK to simply print money, why don’t we have the government print each of us $10 million dollars? Then we could all buy to our heart’s content! Do you think that would work?

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