Morning Reads For Monday November 5, 2012

Morning Reads this morning will be a charter amendment free zone….unless of course it pops up in the comments.

The Secretary of State’s office has produced a short video to help you familiarize yourself with their election results reporting website.

Find your polling place here.

Local Items
– Soccer coach in Gwinnett arrested after being spotted naked in the bedroom of one of his players.
– AJC: Duluth man charged with sex trafficking.
– Atlanta Business Chronicle: Atlanta No. 8 most dangerous city.
– GPB: Georgia Universities Fear Sequestration.
– Two Atlanta police officers died in a helicopter crash late Saturday night.

Local Election Items
– October 25th disclosure reports on State races.
HD18 & HD69: Incumbent Cooke (R) v. Challenger Rhudy (D) & Incumbent Nix (R) v. Challenger Giles (D).
– HD118: Frye (D) v. Kessler (R).
– HD164: Incumbent Stephens (R) v. Challenger Craddock (D).
– SD6: Incumbent Stoner (D) and Challenger Hill (R) spar over abortion, other social issues.
– SD9: Incumbent Balfour (R) v. Challenger Drake (D).
– SD30: Richardson makes his case.
– CD2: What exactly is a veteran?
– CD4: Incumbent Johnson (D) v. Challender Vaughn (R).
– CD7: Incumbent Woodall (R) v. Challenger Reilly (D).
– CD9: Collins (R) v. Cooley (D).
– CD12: Incumbent Barrow (D) in the fight of his political life.

National Election Items
– Cam Newton seals the deal for Romney.
– Michael Barone predicts a big Romney electoral college victory, 315-223. Other notably Romney landslide predictions.
Nate Silver says there is an 85.5% chance the President wins and predicts he will garner around 306 electoral votes.
– See our readers give their bold, fresh, electoral college predictions in Ed’s contest.
– More and more I think Ben Domenech is correct and we’re looking at an “undertow” election.
Erick’s article about keeping the election results in perspective.
Early voting numbers from around the nation.
– An overview of House races.
– RPC: Electoral map. Latest national averages: Obama 47.9, Romney 47.4. State polls.
Battle for the Senate: Likely/Lean Dem. 45, Likely/Lean GOP 43, 12 tossups.
Battle for the House: Likely/Lean GOP 224, Likely/Lean Dem. 178, 33 tossups.

Other National/International Items
John Cusak as Rush Limbaugh?
No Honey Boo Boo for Biden.
– Wondering what your Facebook friends political views are? There’s an app for that. The developers also used their app to create an elector college map showing Obama with a lead.
– New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg caved in to pressure and canceled yesterday’s marathon. Wise move.
– Power crew from Georgia refused to join the union, was sent packing.
Google crisis map of aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Red Cross response page. World Vision donation page.

Other Items
– The Falcons beat America’s Team 19-13 and are still undefeated.
– The NBA season began this weekend. The Hawks are 1-1. They dropped the opener to the Rockets 109-102 but beat the Thunder 104-95 last night.
– Amazon’s Holiday Toy List.
– RIP Pascual Perez. The former Brave was killed in the Dominican Republic in what appears to have been a robbery.


  1. ricstewart says:

    In addition to the SOS MVP site, you can also text “POLLING PLACE” to 69866 to get the address of your precinct.

    • saltycracker says:

      Turnout will be high in the swing states too.

      St. Augustine Record
      Nearly 50 percent of county’s voters have cast ballot
      Posted: November 3, 2012 – 11:47pm

      Nearly half of registered voters in St. Johns County have already cast their ballots, and more than twice as many Republicans have voted than Democrats.

  2. SallyForth says:

    Falcons 8-0!! Matty Ice & Co. are kicking butt and taking names…..and in our comfy Georgia Dome, where Matt conveyed all our feelings a couple of weeks by shouting “Get the f…. off our field!” at snarky Carolina. ‘Sorry Arthur, but we fans DO love our familiar tailgating and stadium.

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