This just in on the tip line. This is part of the reason to be suspicious about any constitutional amendment, especially since merely the identification of the issue is often required for amendment language to be upheld. Press release below, actual body of the letter after the jump.

Says charter school amendment draped in deception, requests enjoinment  

Atlanta, Ga. – November 5, 2012 – Sen. Emanuel Jones, chairman of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, today filed separate requests with Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens and Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder to open investigations of voter fraud into the Charter Schools Amendment One ballot question.”From the beginning, the charter schools amendment debate has been draped in deception. Its authors and supporters have used our school children as pawns. School choice has been hijacked to serve the greater master of money and profits,” said Sen. Emanuel Jones (SD 10).Opponents of Charter Schools Amendment One have argued for months against deceptive language contained in the ballot question and more recently have warned the public that the artfully crafted preamble language is designed to deceive Georgia voters into thinking the initiative will do something different than it actually does. 

“Now, we have proof that, in fact, there are voters who know they were deceived,” Jones said.

In a Nov. 4, 2012 news article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mike Kwon, a 45-year-old Atlanta architect and martial arts instructor, cast an absentee ballot voting for the amendment but realized his error afterward when he discussed the issue with friends. Kwon said he was “hoodwinked.”


“I am asking the Attorneys General to open investigations into voter fraud. State and federal dollars pay for our public schools and it is state and federal dollars that will be diverted into the proposed charter schools scam. There is too much at stake. This matter is about our children, the public trust and public funding,” Jones said.


Jones said the federal government is now in play because federal dollars are used to help fund Georgia schools. He has asked for an injunction on state enabling legislation, should the ballot amendment pass.


“Governor Nathan Deal has gone on the record saying he is pushing this amendment because just like going to the store and purchasing a pair of jeans or a bag of potato chips, people should have school choice. But this amendment is not about school choice. It’s about money. Our children are not bags of potato chips. They are worth more than a pair of jeans. The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus stands behind our school children and their parents and will take this fight to the courts, if necessary,” Jones said.


Jones was joined at a press conference today that included a broad spectrum of opponents to the Charter Schools Amendment One ballot question, including members Gwinnett Tea Party, Dr. Eugene Walker, chairman, DeKalb County Schools, Parent Teacher Association organizations, Georgia Federation of Teachers and Mike Buck, academic director with the Georgia Department of Education

Pursuant to the Ga. Const. art. 5 Section 3, para. 4, I am requesting an investigation into voter fraud with respect to the language used on the Georgia Voter Ballot for Amendment One:  Charter Schools.  The language on the ballot is as follows:
Provides for improving student achievement and parental involvement through public school options.
“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow state and local approval of public charter schools upon the request of local communities?”
As was raised in a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County, the ballot language is misleading on several fronts:
1.      The Amendment states that it is necessary for “state and local approval of public charter school.”  However, the Georgia Constitution and the current laws of Georgia already permit charter schools to be created at the local level with an appeal process to the state if denied at the local level.
2.     This Amendment allows for the creation of a state commission that is not accountable to local school boards, voters, nor elected officials.  The creation of this state commission would drain the already limited state education funds from our public schools.  This is not made clear on the ballot.
3.     The Preamble uses bold font, which is larger than the actual language passed by General Assembly.  In addition the statements “improving student achievement” and “increased parental involvement” were not included in the enabling legislation.
Thank you for looking into this matter.  As you have stated “government officials are the caretakers of public trust, placed in positions of trust that affect the lives and finances of the public.”  It seems that the language used by Governor Deal on the ballot for Amendment One is a violation of this public trust with respect to our tax dollars and the language is intentionally misleading to the voter.In the event there is a determination that the language is deceptive and misleading, we believe that justice requires that any future implementation be enjoined until this issue is addressed and corrected.  I look forward to your investigation into this very serious matter.

Senator Emanuel Jones
State Senate District 10


  1. Calypso says:


    I find it unusual that the senator would request voter fraud.

    • benevolus says:

      That’s a pet peeve of mine. “Voter fraud” is used in place of “election fraud” all the time.

  2. eliz says:

    The governor must have forgottem that voters really don’t appreciate being lied to in order for him to steal from them to pay big bucks contributors. This amendment, the enabling legislation and the entire campaign is poorly spun rubbish. I certainly hope one of these lawsuits stops it before any real damage is done.

  3. I Miss the 90s says:

    The GAGOP did the same thing in 2010 with the Amendment regarding non-compete clauses.

    Any one with the most rudimentary understanding of response bias can see how including the phrase “to make Georgia more economically competitive” will swing the results in a predictable direction.

    All in all, this is because the conservatives in the state legislature seem to believe the ends justify the means. they would rather subvert the democratic process than have an honest discussion of the issues with their constituents.

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