Daniel Fullerton Has A New Kidney

Many of you know Daniel Fullerton, and possibly remember some events such as this one to help him get a much needed kidney transplant.  After several other attempts to have a donor match were scrubbed at the last minute, I’m happy to report that Daniel received his transplant surgery yesterday, with the assistance of a live donor.  The following is part of a message from Daniel’s wife Katie:

Both Daniel and his wonderful donor did well during the surgery and are recovering. Slowly, but well. The new kidney is working great, and now it’s just a matter of controlling their surgical pain and getting them up and walking. It’s all looking good!

Delighted to have some good news to report this morning.  Also, please remember that transplant patients have a life long cost of anti-rejection drugs, which are not cheap.  If you wish to make a donation to help fund continuing expenses, there’s a link to do so here.

Prayers for Daniel and his donor for a speedy and continued recovery.


  1. John Vestal says:

    I believe the term in most industries (including the one that continues feeding my kids) is ‘Certified Pre-Owned’. :>)

    This is awesome news, Charlie…thanks for the update! All the best to Daniel and his donor!

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