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Senior White House adviser David Axelrod quipped that if his boss loses, Axelrod will shave his ‘mo, prominently placed on his face for 40 years now.

The WaPo reached out to one Peach Pundit’s very favorite Georgia Peaches (namely: congressman Phil Gingrey) about the matter because Rep. Gingrey shaved his long-serving mustache off in 07. And because these are things worthy of D.C. journalists’ time.

Anyway, Jen Talaber, Gingrey’s spokesperson was quoted by the paper saying: “The congressman is hopeful David Axelrod will have to make good on his promise. My personal advice for Axelrod is, if his upper lip hasn’t seen the light of day in 40 years, he better invest in some self-tanner.”

I think the ~90 seconds it took to compose this post was the first time I’ve ever considered both men’s physical appearance. Moreover, I have almost certainly exceeded my lifetime quota of such concerns by at least a minute-and-a-half.


  1. Baker says:

    Whoa Ed. The day that poor moustache lost its prominent spot on Mount Gingrey was a sad day indeed.

    “Your Moustache was Involved in an Accident”

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