Morning Reads for Thursday, November 1

Wow – Movember already?  How was everyone’s Halloween??  I had a pity party at a Doubletree in Dallas, TX last night as I sat alone lit by the soft light of a laptop while your fun trick or treat photos filled my feed walls.

Ehh, it comes with the (sales) territory I guess.  If you’re going to be in Marietta today, bring a toy and get 20% off today as Williamson Bros kicks off Operation Santa’s Call.

Video: American tax system explained to kids via Halloween candy re-distribution.  Those dirty little 1%’er kids.

Just Wrong

Slinging Fire, Brimstone, and Racism.  HOW would Jesus (or even MLK Jr) possibly condone these statements??

  • “I don’t know what kind of a n—– wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” said Lowery. “
  • Lowery said that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell. Then he mellowed and just said most of them were. Now, he said, he is back to where he was.
  • FYI: Charlie had a post up about this yesterday. It was pulled after the authenticity of the quotes were questioned. After checking with the newspaper, they stand by the story and say it is corroborated by those who were there.
  • It’s gone national at the Daily Caller:  Obama’s inauguration reverend: All whites are going to hell
  • The word “resegregate” is now on Georgia airways because of this guy.
  • What. The. Hell.   …guess a bunch of us are going in a whitey handbasket apparently.





  1. Calypso says:

    ” Chris Boedeker vs …everyone.”

    Actually, I think that should read, “Chris Boedeker and Buzz Brockway vs…everyone.”

    In an earlier post about the Boedeker/Holcomb race Buzz freely admitted he contributed to Boedeker, and as far as I can tell has never retracted his support.

    If I’m wrong, please correct me, Buzz. Otherwise, one is known by the company he keeps.

      • Calypso says:

        Perhaps I should have kept it more along the lines of his ‘support’ of Boedeker. Though I’ve yet to see Buzz retract his support or denounce Boedeker’s his slimey ad. Are you ok with it, Mike, or are you doing some work for Boedeker?

        • I’m not doing any work for Boedeker, nor would I. My client lost to him in the primary. I was pointing out that Buzz made a campaign donation, and more importantly, disclosed it publicly. The disclosure was for transparency’s sake, not an endorsement of the ad or its content.

  2. Ed says:

    If that was someone’s only jack-o-lantern they are total jerks. True also if a Democrat just had an Obama logo. FFS why use a day to give kids candy as a chance to spread a political message? Really its borderline pathetic.

    Re the Menendez thing, the only part I don’t believe based on a casual scan of the story is that a couple of 17-year olds from the Dominican Republic “recognized” that they were with a U.S. Senator. Hell, I wouldn’t be able to recognize 90 of the Senators and I’m a well-educated well-informed politically-astute American. Just throwing that out there.

          • Ed says:

            So next time I’m at a bar where a sticker that says:

            HELLO, I’M
            Peach Pundit Peanut Gallery Member

            And the babes will start flocking?

            • Calypso says:

              Probably not, for several reasons. First, they’ll remember certain attributes of mine and realize you are an imposter. Second, the gun pictured in your avatar is much smaller than mine.

              But to be fair, I was unclear in my previous post about the success fo my name sticker. It normally reads:

              HELLO, I’M

              United States Senator

  3. Ed says:

    Continuing the Glengarry Glen Ross theme: I’m on a mission of mercy… and extending the competition to tonight, TONIGHT, at midnight. You’ve got–you’ve all got 16 hours to make POTUS predictions.


  4. Andre says:


    Seriously though, it would not be election season in Georgia without a little race-baiting.

    Whites are racist for even daring to place a charter schools amendment on the ballot.

    Black folks, like me, who support the charter schools amendment are likely to be branded a blood-traitor for opposing the great and revered Joseph Lowery

    • Daddy Got A Gun says:

      Didn’t you get the memo ….. If you don’t support Government schools and the Teacher’s union, you are racist too. If you use logic, facts, and common sense to support a conclusion, you are racist as well.

      Stop being racist! Vote Marxism!

      PS – I’ve studied Black History in Georgia and I think the use of the race card for ideological reasons cheapens the sacrifice and bravery of Black Americans that fought for equal rights here in Georgia.

      • Andre says:

        Oh, I agree.

        Everytime someone like Joseph Lowery, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson make claims of racism, they demean the true racism that is out there. These three, and others like them, are the boys (and girls) who cried wolf. And we all know how that story ended.

  5. If someone doesn’t have a profile filled out with a photo on the voter guide, it’s simply because they didn’t fill it out. I received an email with login info to upload a picture an answer their questions. Stan apparently just doesn’t like answering questions since he didn’t fill it out either.

    • SallyForth says:

      Yep, more strip clubs – seeing as how DeKalb don’t need no stinkin’ education (as evidenced by shenanigans of their school board).

  6. Jackster says:

    Re: DoE Shennanigans – I find Deal’s definition of “Collaboration” amusing – the idea that if you don’t get your pick, then they will NOT have an “Open Door to the Governor’s office”, but yet there should be collaboration.

  7. Ed says:

    So here’s something that’s been bothering me lately (and by lately I mean since my drive in to work this morning).

    NPR had a bit where one of their reporters mentioned how “the rise of outside groups” is the new whatever that will impact this election. And its really been a popular meme with almost every analysis but its like… am I the only person who remembers Swiftboat Veterans for Truth? It is hardly a new phenomenon.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      “Journalists” need stuff to talk about. And that stuff needs to engage the masses. The masses are not into details. They like fluff disguised as red meat. Hence, the stuff they talk about are these pieces of fluff that arent really that relevant or true in some cases. This is the “news” game in the new millenium. Everyone does it. The big network, cable news, print news, bloggers…

  8. ieee says:

    What?!! I almost missed a PP post about the panacea Registries?!

    The statement was “This is so creepy to think about: Registered sex offenders watched on Halloween”

    Do you know what is creepy? That our nanny big governments continue to waste limited resources on thoroughly stupid, useless sh*t like this. People who worry about this type of stuff on Halloween are literal morons. Or terrible parents that let their children run all over in the dark by themselves. Or something.

    Did you notice the article talked about 900 Registered people? Do you know there are over 20 times that number listed on Georgia’s panacea Registry? What was done about the rest of them? There must have been a molestation epidemic. There ought to be a law. There’s a great opportunity for some legislative pandering to the vast number of morons in the state.

    I am listed on a Registry. Because the Registries are not about public safety and are immoral and un-American, I do everything possible to ensure that they are more useless and counterproductive than they naturally already are. I spend time around random children ALL of the time, just and only because the Registries exist. I spent Halloween going around various neighborhoods far from where I live, trick-or-treating with children. That, of course, is the proper response to the Registries.

    And again, where are the rest of the Registries? The fact that they don’t exist is full and complete proof that the Registries are not about public safety or protecting children. Those are just lies. That may have been the original, noble, altruistic reasoning for the Registries, but that is clearly not how they turned out. Today, they are a weapon of hate and ostracizing that most “Americans” cannot use responsibly. They are also an industry for many people and a jobs program for people who depend on big governments.

    But if we are going to have nanny governments, there is no excuse not to have the rest of the Registries. I think they might be a bit much to handle individually so what we really, really need is a system where 1) all governments know for certain where everyone in this country lives, works, etc., 2) every person in the country has some means to absolutely, positively identify anyone else that they see, and 3) there are means to retrieve all background information about anyone (including of course, all convictions, lawsuits, bankruptcies, credit collections, evictions, divorces, etc., etc.). ONLY then will we all be “informed” and safe. How can we make this happen?

    Have a great weekend! And remember, if you are a *zealous* supporter of the Registries, I am working to do whatever I legally can to lower the quality of your and your family’s lives (seriously, and it is surprisingly a lot). Just returning the favor. You are not a fellow U.S. citizen, you are an enemy.

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