Campaign Disclosure Reports, October 25th Filing

Campaign disclosure reports for the period ending 10/25/12 are trickling in. The deadline is midnight tonight. I’ll be updating the sheet periodically. Below is what we have thus far.

To see the full spreadsheet, click here.


  1. Ed says:

    I want to give Gary Guan credit for being a Republican running in the suburbs who is unable to crack the triple digits mark in fundraising. I imagine that would take some serious effort.

  2. Max Power says:

    Somebody want to explain where the hell Hunter Hill is getting all that money. I live in the district I know no one who has given to him.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    I appreciate and thank you for the effort that goes into preparing and posting spreadsheets. A total raised column, if only for the entire cycle or since the primary, rather than only cash on hand, would present a fuller picture of where the cash went.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    Only 43 of 180 House, and 13 of 56 Senate seats are contested. A significant number of those are close to or on paper only. The State’s Leadership doesn’t want Georgians to have real choices. Pathetic.

    It should be priority that resdistricting be largely taken out of the hands of the General Assembly. Now’s the best time in the cycle to do it.

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