When Facebook Gets a Little Ridic

And sadly – because FB is entertaining and gossip is fun to forward, I’m sure this will quickly make a tour of the interwebs.

Who is Garry Fricks? 

Apparently, Commissioner Garry Fricks is the guy who hasn’t paid his property taxes in over 2 years.


  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    Let me just take a really wild guess that whomever is asking the question “Who is Garry Fricks?” probably isn’t all that big of a Garry Frick fan.

    Two years of unpaid property taxes and getting caught driving on with license that has been suspended for seven years with no insurance and a screwed up tag?…Sounds like Commissioner Frick just doesn’t give a “frick” anymore which is okay as I can relate because some days I just don’t give a [“frick”] either.

    But at the very least, as a relatively high-profile public office holder, the good Commissioner could try to keep his property taxes and his license current so that he can tell his critics to [“frick-off”]!

    • saltycracker says:

      If our legislators thought an elected official in Georgia could not serve and would be suspended or replaced until taxes or fees to the people were paid they’d pass legislation on the matter wouldn’t they ?

      Maybe we could use their ” personal” campaign contributions.

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