Morning Reads 10/31/12

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,  mysterious and spooky,  they’re all together ooky; your Morning Reads . . . .

Well over a million voters have already voted. This just means no lines next weeks, folks.

Sandy may have missed Georgia, but some Georgia students are still trapped in New York City.

A Georgia State University student was robbed at gun point . . . while near campus. I guess Georgia State won’t be winning any safety awards.

Got a CDL and a clean driving record? Why not be a trucker?

A North Georgia wildlife preserve has rescued white tigers; no, this is not a politically related post.

Twiggs County residents elated over Special Master’s report that says they can keep their land. And to think, I didn’t know there was 400 acres of land in Twiggs worth suing over!

Federal Judge awards guest workers 11.8 million dollars.

Lifetime uses the historic Hay House in Macon to film a pilot. I don’t even know if I get the Lifetime channel. I just like old buildings.

The embattled Bibb County School Superintendent was “difficult” to evaluate. Really?

The District Attorney race in Columbus is heating up.

Members of the Georgia National Guard have been deployed to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy.

On a happier note, the Sea Turtle Hospital is releasing two patients. Here’s wishing them the best of luck on the turbulent seas.

A battle is brewing over the Augusta Convention Center. But the battle will not be in public.

And for your listening pleasure, I present to you this. Happy Halloween.


  1. EmWiegs says:

    Lots of stuff I didn’t know was happening in the state this week/today. Thanks for the update Mr. Daniels.

  2. Max Power says:

    Got a CDL and a clean driving record? Why not be a trucker?

    Got a trucking company and can’t hire enough drivers? Why not raise your pay rate?

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