Out Of State PAC Drops $200K Against Barrow In GA-12

A D.C. based group called the “Congressional Leadership Fund” sent over the above ad this morning, with the following:

“WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) released today the first and only ad of a $200,000 television campaign in Georgia’s 12th congressional district in the final week. The ad, “Join Me,” highlights John Barrow’s staunch support of President Obama’s reckless spending and will air on broadcast television in the Savannah and Augusta media markets. ”

A couple of notes:  1) The ad implies that Barrow voted for Obamacare, which he didn’t.

2) With all the gnashing of teeth coming from the TEA Party over out of state philanthropists backing the Charter School Amendment, I can only assume we’ll have a press release from them denouncing this attempt by out of state interests attempting to help Lee Anderson make up his 4 to 1 cash disadvantage with John Barrow, right?


I’m holding my breath.  In the mean time, my column is on this race today.  Sock puppets don’t wear yourself out too much trying to figure out where best to lob your attacks.


  1. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    Come on now Charlie, you’ve been around this game long enough to know carefully worded, but fundamentally untrue, accusations is you get your guy elected. Barrow’s doing it too, claiming “Lee wants to end Medicare.”

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