Competition Time!

Note: This post is made possible due to Buzz’ enabling encouragement. 

With one painful short week until the election, it is now competition time.

Your mission is to correctly predict the winner of the Presidential election, the Electoral College and states won per candidate. Create your map at 270 to win and share it here. Picks are due by midnight tomorrow.

You get one point for every correct state, electoral college vote and correctly predicting the winner. You will subtract one point for every EC vote over your prediction so say you predict, 310 EC votes and the winner receives 300, you will receive 290.

If you correctly predict the Electoral College vote, the winner and get every state correct, you receive a 538 point bonus.

The tie breaker is to predict the percentage both candidates win.

First place GETS FIRST CHOICE OF THE FOLLOWING PRIZES, and so on to fifth place.
The prizes are: attend 1 (one) Georgia State University sports match of your choosing in Atlanta with yours truly.
A pat on the back
A steak dinner (as is customary for PP wagers)
20 Schrute Bucks
Eternal pride

To borrow a line from Alec Baldwin: “I’d wish you luck but you wouldn’t know what to do with it.”


    • Dave Bearse says:

      You, Dave In Decatur, and I have the same electoral college picks. I was the last to post, but I promise I prepared mine without looking at those of anyone else. Bring on the tiebreaker!

  1. Scott65 says:

    All you have to do is turn on any cable news channel to see what poor taste this is in being posted today. A post rallying to the aid of the 10-12 MILLION Americans harmed by this storm would be a bit more appropriate…how about a prize for the one who can help raise the most money for victims of the storm…

    • Doug Deal says:

      That’s my ceiling number for Romney, so I know how you came to it. I was just trying to be competitive, not overly optimistic. But you do have a point, people forget the wrong predictions, but they sure do remember the way out ones when they get lucky and win the lottery. So why not go strong?

      When you get your own Nate Silveresque type of blog, don’t end up becoming a self absorbed you know what, like he is.

    • Calypso says:

      What happens if the Senate goes R next week, or the House go D? Is it the lame duck congress which selects the Prez and Veep?

    • Charlie says:

      I keep seeing people saying that it’s Romney/Biden if 269/269, but I’m curious if the Senate has to stick with Biden (assuming R-House and D-Senate)?

      Why not Romney-Obama or even Romney-H.Clinton?

      Or knowing the Senate, Romney-Reid?

      • Doug Deal says:

        The no one gets a majority rules, if I remember correctly, are that the House has to pick from the top three finishers in EV’s and the Senate has to pick from the top two.

        So if some faithless elector picks that Gary Johnson shut-in and he finishes third in the race for the Presidency, he would be eligible, and that would be the closest the Libertarians will ever come to winning.

      • GOPundit says:

        They have to have distinct list of names who shall be eligible for president and those for vice-president. So the only way for the Romney/Obama administration to happen would be for the President to not make the list of potential presidents.

        Also I think that the 12th amendment would prohibit the Clinton possibility unless the House fails to select a President by the 4th of March.

      • drjay says:

        there was a time when things were different, but when i’ve heard this discused before, it always included the notion that a lot of these senators are going to be under very odd pressures that go beyond normal party politics. like matching their vote to that of who carried their state on election day. any “mavericks” that are lame ducks may want to go off the reservation in some sort weird show of independence (think lieberman) back in 1974 when it looked like there was an actual chance carl albert might end up in the white house he supposedly said that he would immediately resign once the gop vp was confirmed because the country had voted for a gop prez and he was not going to usurp their will (imagine that happening in todays dc…)

    • If I were the Democrats in this position, I would vote for the Republican that occupies a seat that could be won by a Democrat in a special election. Why remove someone from your Party in the Senate when there may be a chance a Republican picks it up? Get a Republican out until at least the special election and take your chances for getting rid of a Republican seat for awhile.

    • Harry says:

      I’ll be working for the Romney Ohio GOTV the last 72 hours, making phone calls and knocking on doors in Marietta, OH. One of my friends is unfortunately working for Obama on the other end of the state. If anybody needs a ride up, let me know.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    What is the cut off time for submissions, Ed? 50.3% Obama, 48.8% Romney, and the link below is my prediction as of the moment. My prediction places all slight lean Obama states that are really too close to call in the Obama column, so I may move a one or two of them to the Romney column sometime prior to cut off time.

    Dave’s map.

  3. Ed says:

    I would like to note, those of you failing to put in the vote percentage are only hurting yourselves from achieving victory.

  4. Baker says:

    I also missed the deadline but:

    As much as it pains me, if I were to win with you overlooking deadline, how about just a Varsity dinner and $10 Schrute bucks?

    Obama 277
    Romney 261

    Obama keeps Nevada, Penn, and Ohio and that’s that.

    I think the lure of easy fixes and while not “socialism” per se, those theories, are too alluring for human nature and we haven’t gone down that rathole yet…here we go…

  5. Ed says:

    So the reason I have not tabulated the winners is because I’m too lazy….uh… I mean because the votes are still being tallied.

    And I’m too lazy.

    FYI–Obamarama has a larger margin of victory than W. in ’04.

    More on that later.

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