Audit Finds Georgia Does A Good Job Of Charter School Grant Oversight.

An audit by the US Department of Education gives Georgia an “A” for monitoring the federal grants it gives start-up charter schools.

“When you start up a charter school, you have a lot of expenses you don’t have in a normal year of operating,” says Louis Erste, director of the Charter Schools Division for the Georgia Department of Education.

He tells WSB’s Sandra Parrish while an audit three years ago found the state was weak on its monitoring, in the latest audit Georgia achieved straight A’s.

Erste says the changes implemented since the previous audit have even been passed along to other systems.

“We’ve made a lot of improvements in our monitoring tools and there’s a whole variety of information we send out in advance to say ‘here’s what we look at… all your invoices, your charter, anything to do with the grant’,” he says.

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  1. GA Constitutionalist says:

    Great! Taking more federal money to run more government schools. This will give me a good reason to vote for this Amendment. Nothing like taking more federal money to institute national curriculum to federalize our schools….both traditional public and public charter. We keep doing this, and the line of distinction between these two types of government schools will not be discernible. More centralization….more loss of local control.

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