Morning Reads For Monday October 29, 2012

Georgia Items
– A corruption probe in Cobb?
– Senator Unterman leads the “Lanier Caucus.” Meanwhile, the Corps will release more water from the lake.
– The new Falcons stadium could require Legislative approval.
– A student from the Macon area will compete on “Jeopardy.”
Sgt. Craig Warfle of Savannah was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.
– The State Pre-K expected to return to 180 days next year.
– The Co-Founder of the Fayette County Issues Tea Party corrects errors of charter amendment foes.

Georgia Election Items
– Andra Gillespie, Aaron Gould Sheinin, and Matt Towery discuss the election and Georgia’s part in it tonight at the Commerce Club.
Heavy turnout for Saturday voting. Don’t I know.
– Three members of the Gwinnett County Board of Elections face challengers.
– The only candidate for Murray BoE Post 1 has withdrawn due to health problems.
– Richard Rountree is trying to become the first African-American Sheriff of Richmond County.
– SD26: David Lucas (D) vs. Bobby Gale (R).
– Floyd County elections officials say ballot problems in HD12 have been fixed. Incumbent Barbara Massey Reece faces GOP challenger Eddie Lumsden.
– CD1: Incumbent Jack Kingston faces Dem. challenger Lesli Messinger.
– CD2: Incumbent Sanford Bishop faces GOP challenger John House. A group of African-American farmers endorsed House.
– GPB News on the “ad wars” in CD12.

National Election Items
– Close polls in traditional Democratic strongholds like PA, WI, MN, and MI, tempt the Romney campaign.
– Kids sing about the horrors that will afflict the world if President Obama is not reelected.
Madonna booed after touting Obama.
– Both the GOP and the Dems. claim an advantage from early voting. Jamie Dupree recommends this website to track early voting.
– RCP National Average: Romney 47.7, Obama 46.8.
– RCP State polls.
– RCP Senate polls.

Hurricane Sandy
Latest report, tracking cone.
Google Crisis Map.
– New Jersey could bear the brunt.
– “Destructive potential” a 5.8 on a scale of 0 – 6.
– Weather Channel: 5 Reasons Sandy Will Be Epic.


  1. Engineer says:

    And no mention of the SF Giants winning the World Series with, Leesburg, GA’s own, Buster Posey hitting a 2 run homer last night.

  2. Here’s a link to the Red Cross website. They will certainly be on site as Sandy hits. Support their efforts or those of you favorite disaster relief agency. It could be a devastating week for our friends in the NE.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    The ethics typically championed here seem to have been shunted to the side with respect to a couple of recent events. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, since the circumstances wouldn’t reflect well on Amendment 2, and by association, the Charter School amendment.

    A State Properties Commission chaired by Crony-in-Chief Deal, and a State Charter Schools Commission controlled by Deal are good reasons to oppose both amendments.

    The State Properties Commission last week passed over a number of sites that had been tentatively identified as sites for a new state poultry laboratory. The State Properties Commission rejected the sites on the original list, and voted to build the new $14,000,000 state poultry lab on a site that is owned by Governor Deal’s long time crony Phillip Wilheit.

    One of the first things Deal did as Governor was to appoint Wilheit, his Gubenatorial Campaign Chairman, to the Board of Regents. Evidently that cherry appointment wasn’t enough in return for the tens of thousands that Wilheit, his family, and businesses, donated to the Deal campaign.

    To add insult to injury, taxpayers will also be paying to improve Wilheit’s property (roads and utilities) to prepare it for construction. Read more about it here:

    The State Properties Commission building a new poultry lab on property owned by a chief crony of the Governor isn’t an isolated occurrence. A Deal appointee to the State Properties Commission resigned on Friday when it was discovered the state had signed a $1.4 million deal to lease office space he owned, while the appointee was serving on the Commission. No law or guideline prohibits such a deal. Read more about it here:

    There are no checks and balances with respect to Amendment 2, so a yes vote is a vote for cronysim. Someone can’t be trusted with respect to documentable property transactions cannot be trusted with behind closed doors influence concerning a State Charter Schools Commission either.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Walmart and American Express have announced Bluebird, a checking and debit alternative – no minimums, no fees, that ought to free the banks to focus on selling financial services and wonder why they have brick and mortar all over the place.

  5. saltycracker says:

    90mph winds make wind damage not a big issue. In Florida we experienced some really high tides as the steady winds held the waters in the bays and when high tide came it breached docks and sea walls along waterways for the first time since the hurricanes of 2004. The damage (like ripped up walls, docks & steps) wasn’t bad as the storm winds making the waters a washing machine stayed offshore.

    Low lying areas in front of Sandy are going to have erosion and other water problems.

  6. saltycracker says:

    Sandy: here she comes pushing water – nothing that hasn’t been known for days.

    The situation with the HMS Bounty is distressing. I met several their young enthusiastic crew this summer. A coast guard rescue guy injured, at least one crew dead, one still missing, damn. What the heck was it doing out there ?

    Why the hell do the major networks put staff in the high wind and rain, Al Roker on a beach and others standing in the water telling folks they need to take this seriously ?

    • saltycracker says:

      P.S. The Bounty is a replica primarily run by volunteers and is not a ship to send to sea in a storm with other options available – you get it away from docks, run it as far back in the bay or upriver, make all precautions including sending most of the crew ashore, anchor & secure it as best as possible – and maybe the captain and mate stay to run the engine and pumps.

  7. bowersville says:


    From the HMS Bounty website:

    Bounty spent this past weekend in New London, CT. and left yesterday to head south to St Petersburg, Fla. We had a great time during our stay and spent time with some of the U.S. Navy on the ship. While we were there this week we took out the crew of the USS Mississippi for a sailing lesson. They were part of our crew climbing the rigging and furling sails. It was great! Thank you for joining us.

    Bounty is 100 miles off shore and is running 8.6 knots on a course south by west. First heading due East to avoid the brunt of the storm. We have the best Captain to ever sail the 7 seas! We will keep you posted of her progress. God speed and may the winds be fairer than expected.

    The date on that post, FRI, OCT 26, 2012 5:47pm

    Official website of HMS Bounty:

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