Dan Radakovich From Ga Tech To Clemson?

I’m seeing reports on Twitter that Georgia Tech Athletics Director Dan Radokovich will be announced as Clemson University’s new Athletic Director later today.  While we are Georgia Politics website, there are few things more political in this state than the selection of a college President or Athletic director.

So, as the rest of us shake off weekend cobwebs and get back into real politics the week before our election, I have two questions for those in the Tech community:  1) Does this make it more or less likely that Coach Paul Johnson keeps his job at the end of this season, and 2) Who is in line to replace Radokovich should this rumor prove true?


  1. Bummer. I’m sad to see him go. Those greedy Tigers!

    I have no idea who might replace D-Rad but I hope for Coach Johnson’s sake we don’t have too many more games like last Satuday’s.

  2. xdog says:

    I thought Johnson would on shaky ground even before the news about Radokovich. A new AD would be more comfortable with his own man running the football team, especially when they’re playing so badly.

    If they let Johnson go that may be the end of his career. Where would he go–D2 team or one of the service academies? Not a lateral move.

    • Rambler14 says:

      If he wants to coach again, he’ll have offers the day he leaves.
      Hell, Mike Leach is even coaching again.

  3. Charlie says:

    Jeff Schultz says it’s too expensive to fire Johnson, about $10Million:


    My line of thought was more on the line of timing and authority. If Tech has an interim AD for a while, it’s not likely they’re going to have the permanent man in place when these decisions are usually made, which the window begins in about 4 weeks.

    And even if a new guy is in there, most want to feel out the landscape of the donor base and the internal politics of the situation before they commit to firing a coach (and committing to a buyout) when they don’t even know where the restrooms are yet.

    I think if Johnson was on the bubble, this helps him more than hurts. But again, that’s just my own uninformed opinion. YMMV.

    • analogkid says:

      As both a fiscal conservative and a GT alum, $10M sounds like a small price to pay to be rid of him and the triple option. If I was a bettin’ man (and I just might be), I’m putting down some cash on UGA if the spread is anything less than about 4o points. It wouldn’t be the first (or even fourth) time I’ve bet against GT and won. This is what Paul Johnson has reduced me to.

  4. Mike Dudgeon says:

    My most likely scenario is new guy gives Johnson one year to turn it around. Probably anything less than 9-3 or 8-4 with bowl win means adios after 2013 season.

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