AJC Shows Incumbent Campaigns Flush With Cash

The power of incumbency comes with certain advantages.  Fundraising is one of them.  The AJC’s Daniel Malloy and Shannon McCaffrey have composed the fundraising data for all of Georgia’s Congressmen and their challengers, with an emphasis on giving from Political Action Committees.  It’s a bi-partisan advantage to have an “I” next to your name.

The state’s top rainmaker in the House, Tom Price, a Roswell Republican, took in more than $2 million this cycle. His opponent, Democrat Jeffrey Kazanow, raised $6,500 and loaned himself another $30,000.

Democrat John Lewis of Atlanta is a national figure because of his long tenure in the House and his profile as a hero of the civil rights era. So he raises enough cash to fund his own race then spreads the wealth.

“After it seems I have a good chance of winning my own primary, I try to use my resources to try to help other candidates in other races within our state or around the country, to assist the party as a whole,” Lewis said through a spokeswoman.

Lewis donated nearly $300,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and made some charitable contributions to organizations, including a pair of Atlanta churches.

Lewis raised $1,157,552 versus challenger Howard Stopeck’s loan to his campaign of $34,000.

Click the link and see the numbers for each incumbent and his challenger.


  1. saltycracker says:

    If there is a judge that says the money is theirs then we should certainly get a judge to agree we can grab Democrat/Republican contributed funds to pay outstanding taxes/liens of same party elected officials. 🙂

    • Andre says:

      There was a judge, C. Ray Mullins, who seized campaign funds from a state Representative and used them to satisfy debts in a bankruptcy proceeding.

      That state Representative, of course, is Jill Chambers.

      So the precedent is there for judges to capture campaign cash and use them to pay off personal debts and/or obligations.

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