1. Andre says:

    So basically, if you’re gullible enough to believe wrasslin’ is real, then you’re gullible enough to vote Democrat.

    Is that the takeaway from the graph?

    • Stefan says:

      I think you may have rotated your screen 90 degrees. The WWE has the lowest turnout, it is not the most democratic leaning, that is the WNBA.

  2. Baker says:

    Another point: If you’re a conservative sports fan, you’re definitely voting.

    I presume the size of circle equates to size of fan base? That poor little WNBA circle is barely bigger, if at all, than the Grand-Am Road Racing circle.

    Is Grand-Am like IndyCar except not in a circle?

    • Calypso says:

      I always have Jeeves get a box or two of Ripple. Grab a bendy-straw and you can drink it straight from the box!

          • SallyForth says:

            I’m a crunchy Cheetos junky, so I’ll have to bring a bag of each. Then I can watch you get the puffed ones stuck all in your teeth.

            • Calypso says:

              I swear, if you pulverized a whole bag of puffy Cheetos you wouldn’t fill a tablespoon. I guess their sole purpose is to have something to hold the flavoring other than air.

              By the way, crunchy Cheetos go better with MD 20/20 and Thunderbird. The puffy ones go with the more delicate musings of Ripple and Boone’s Farm. But to each his own.

  3. saltycracker says:

    The chart looks ok but the bookies and experts got chomped on two forecasts in Jacksonville:
    The Dawgs and the weather …

  4. saltycracker says:

    Be interesting to see charts of charitable giving and net worth change/impact since entering public service.

    Romney would be a stand out on charitable giving and net worth forfeited.

    Forbes Oct. 22:
    “Lots of people pay a high price for getting into politics, but no one has likely given up more, at least financially, than Mitt Romney. His decision to leave Bain Capital to pursue elected office cost him some $1.77 billion – personally – according to an analysis by Forbes. “

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