Peach Pundit Roadshow: Bye, Bye Libertarian Pye Edition

This Friday evening (i.e, TOMORROW)  from 6:00 to 8:00pm (probably longer, truth be told), we will gather en masse to toast our own Jason Pye as he begins his transition to a new job in a new land far, far away.

The celebration will be held at Ormsby’s, which features among other things the best doorman in Atlanta.  Just head to the downstairs bar and we’ll be informally gathered around it.  There’s plenty of good food on the menu for those who come hungry, and there’s plenty of beer in the house so feel free to buy Jason and/or myself one or three of those.

We look forward to seeing some of you.  Others, not so much.


  1. Mike Stucka says:

    Just remember Charlie hasn’t been the same since … the Incident. No sudden moves, and for God’s sake, no mariachi outfits.

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