Feinstein/Chambliss To Hold Hearings On Benghazi

The terrorist attack on our Diplomatic post in Libya and the death of our Ambassador and three other Americans will be reviewed by the Senate after the November 6 election.

Received via press release from Senator Chambliss’ office:

Washington—The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence today announced hearings into the circumstances—including the intelligence and security situation—surrounding the recent terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, and the intelligence and security situation in other Arab Spring countries.

The committee will hold a closed oversight hearing on Thursday, November 15, with additional hearings to follow.

To facilitate this review, the committee has already received initial briefings and is examining relevant information and documents. In order to fully understand the events surrounding the September 11 attack and to help improve intelligence capabilities, the U.S. response to events on the ground, and the security of U.S. facilities in the region, the committee’s review is focused on:

· The intelligence collection and threat reporting relating to Libya and other Middle East countries prior to the September 11 attack, how and when that information was disseminated, and what actions were taken in response;

· What is now known about the events of September 11, who was responsible for the attack, and what efforts are being made to find and hold those responsible to account;

· The Intelligence Community’s collection capabilities in the Middle East and North Africa, to include the levels of funding and availability of intelligence personnel with language and other skills necessary to operate in that part of the world; and

· The level and adequacy of security at the State Department and other U.S. government facilities in the Middle East and North Africa, and whether current arrangements for providing security at these facilities are appropriate.


  1. Three Jack says:

    Based on current evidence mostly presented by CBS and FOX (totally ignored by NBC/MSNBC, 2 networks more concerned about rape/abortion comments from another idiot GOPer senate candidate), Obama should be facing charges instead of a senate hearing. At the very least, the president should take a break from spreading his childish BS at yet another campaign stop to address this most important issue. Lives were lost that might have been saved if we had a responsible president on watch.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      +1…I totally agree. This guy (the Messiah) shouldn’t be sitting in the Oval Office, he should be blacklisted from public life and probably sitting in a prison cell somewhere as how in the hell does a guy with openly Marxist views who sits in front of a radical anti-American preacher who screams “God Damn America!” and is friends with openly anti-American terrorists like Bill Ayers get elected President of the United States?

      But then again, why would the Messiah actually take the time to address a tragedy that was totally preventable?

      What happened in Benghazi is obviously not that important to the Comrade and never was important to him, otherwise he would have had the proper security in place on 9/11 when the Ambassador and many others requested it.

      This guy isn’t fit to run a fruit stand on the side of the road, much less be President of the United States, something that most voters have thankfully come to realize before the election.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        “as how in the hell does a guy with openly Marxist views who sits in front of a radical anti-American preacher who screams “God Damn America!” and is friends with openly anti-American terrorists like Bill Ayers get elected President of the United States?”

        Oh, yeah, that’s right, a guy who is so obviously unfit for the job of Commander-in-Chief gets elected because before him we had a sex-addicted rapist (Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton) and a flunkee who could not read or balance a checkbook (George W. Bush) as President, so I guess that having a radical Marxist in the White House fits right-in-line with the moral and administrative disasters that have been elected to the office over the last two decades.

        Sorry, I forgot…dumb question.

  2. AMB says:

    After the election and Obama is reelected and Mittens is off on a world tour visiting his money that can come out of hiding, Benghazi will be a forgotten tragedy stripped of its campaign allure.

  3. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    Yippee …. Another sternly written press-release from Saxby the Collaborator!

    We have a murdered ambassador, 4 dead Americans, an embassy burned down, and a massive coverup intentional inaction and all Saxby the Collaborator can do is hold hearings to determine if security at embassies is adequate.

    Once again Saxby the Collaborator undercuts the Conservatives in the House in order to protect his buddies, Obama and the Democrats.

  4. Three Jack says:

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says, “You don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on, without having some real-time information about what’s taking place,”

    According to reports, the WH Situation Room was receiving ‘real time information’ almost from the beginning of the terrorist attack (formerly known as an unorganized video protest). Also it would seem the DefSec has set new parameters whereby the military waits for some unknown source to provide ‘real-time information’ instead of the old way where the military GOT real-time information in order to prepare itself and react accordingly. Who the hell was he relying on for ‘real-time information’, the media?

    Panetta continuing the coverup says, “This happened within a few hours and it was really over before, you know, we had the opportunity to really know what was happening,”

    2 former Navy SEALS died 7 hours after the terrorist attack began. The U.S. had military forces all around the region supposedly on high alert due to it being the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Having been in the Navy, I remember being on ‘5 minute alert’ while serving aboard an aircraft carrier. That meant we had to launch aircraft within 5 minutes of the order to do so and always did when called upon. Panetta is as the president terms it, a bullshi**er.

    It is truly amazing the lack of widespread outrage over this debacle. America was attacked on 9/11 again, 4 lives were lost and our credibility in the region takes another big hit. But hey, we can’t interrupt the president’s re-election campaign with such trivial matters as islamic terrorism and the death of Americans.

  5. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    The CIA operators were told twice to not go and rescue the embassy staff and Ambassador. Our government abandoned these Americans.

    In response, all Saxby the Collaborator wants to do is determine what language skills are necessary to operate in that part of the world.

  6. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    “According to sources on the ground during the attack, the special operator on the roof of the CIA annex had visual contact and a laser pointing at the Libyan mortar team that was targeting the CIA annex. The operators were calling in coordinates of where the Libyan forces were firing from.”

    Instead of screaming for the impeachment of a President that willfully abandons Americans in the field, Saxby the Collaborator wants to “cross the aisle” and study if depending on foreign nationals for our embassy staff’s security is A-OK.

  7. saltycracker says:

    The economy should be enough with the third quarter growth, at this stage of the recovery, being the slowest since WWII.

    For the final game changer the Republicans have less than a week to educate the public on Benghazi.

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