Atlanta A Great Place For Female Entrepreneurs

From Forbes Magazine:

As far as Southern Belles go, women business owners in Atlanta (No. 5) are killing it. The SBA granted more than $18 million in loans to 19 businesses in the past year, and women-owned businesses have reported revenues of just shy of $30 million. Atlanta is among the five metro areas as measured by the AMEX OPEN report where growth in women-owned firms are experiencing the fastest growth (with other Best Cities No. 3 Dallas, No. 15 San Antonio, No. 4 Washington DC and No. 14 Baltimore).



  1. Scott65 says:

    I seem to remember reading something about a group formed by female entrepreneurs that used social media to “crowd source shop” at one small independent female owned shop per month at a specific time/day. From what I’ve heard it was highly successful, and gave these shops a great deal of free advertising by word of mouth. One was in VA Highlands but cant remember which one. It was several months ago

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