Morning Reads for Friday, October 19, 2012 – UPDATED

– Yesterday some of our ancestors set sail for Georgia shores.
– This year’s Georgia peanut harvest breaks records. Which shouldn’t be compared with the records set by this year’s EYE-TAL-YUN grape harvest. Italy’s wines may show up in a Monty Python skit, yet.
Thin-skinned folks should just avoid fast-food chicken altogether.
Traffic enforcement shenanigans.
– Prayers for State Sen. John Bulloch, who remains hospitalized in Thomasville.

– The Supreme Nutjob speaks.
– That guy that tried to blow up the Fed in NY Wednesday? The State Department gave him a student visa.
Dinesh D’Souza resigns.
October Surprise has a new meaning now. [UPDATE: Trick-or-Treat. The site’s owners admit it’s a hoax. ]
– Chris “Tingles” Matthews, Constitutional Scholar.
– We all know jury duty can be really boring, but, dude?!
– Ambassador Steven’s father believes his son’s murder is more than “not optimal.”
Fidel Castro is still mostly dead. But not so dead that he couldn’t receive a visit from his mostly dead little friend, Hugo Chavez. Zombie action figures not included.

Random Everywhere:
– Keep this map handy. Things are going to get really interesting the next few weeks…
– This sounds like loads of FUN… (not that folks are snarky ’round here or anything)
Kennesaw State introduces their buff new mascot. Buzz really needs a makeover, don’t you think?
– Who let hipster Jason Pye into Georgia Tech?

What really matters:
– Read the story of Dolly and Bud Stringer of Moultrie. Puts all this political silliness in perspective, doesn’t it?


  1. Max Power says:

    “- The Supreme Nutjob speaks”

    Typical Redstate drivel, the author demonstrates he has about the same grasp of American fiscal policy as Ahmadinejad. Here’s an idea if you’re going to quote numbers make sure the numbers are right.

  2. bullFrog says:

    The Kennesaw State mascot will cower in the presence of the new Goat-sucking, bug-eating Nighthawk from (University of) North Georgia.

    “Goat-suckers, Goat-suckers, nmm, nmm, nmm!”

  3. Baker says:

    Did I miss a PP rip on J.C. going to the Middle East? Israel and Palestine will be all hugs and kisses in no time…and if not…blame those terrorists…the Jews.

    Seriously though, the man was the driving force behind the near eradication of the Guinea Worm and a huge part of Habitat for Humanity. He’s a great man. Why can’t he live the Middle East alone?

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