A PSA About the PSC

Public Service Announcement about the Public Service Commission, (Georgia’s most boring and important agency) received from the Chuck Eaton campaign:

“On Sunday, Republican Public Service Commissioner Chuck Eaton will be participating in a debate taping at GPB.

The debate will tape from 1:00 – 1:30PM at Georgia Public Broadcasting studios located at 260 14th Street, west of the I-75/85 Downtown Connector.  GPB has a free parking deck for your convenience.

Eaton is encouraging his supporters to attend. and you can find out more at www.ChuckEaton.org

I can only assume that Democrat Steve Oppenheimer and Libertarian Brad Ploeger would also like their supporters to attend, and will offer transportation for all of them to the debate taping. In one of these:




  1. GPappadopoulis says:

    Hello! This is my first post on Peachpundit, although I’ve read your blog for quite some time. Because of the blog, I’ve became quite interested in the PSC election. I’ve listened to the PSC on its online broadcast.

    Many of the posters here seem to be fans of Commissioner Eaton, but not of Commissioner Wise. I cannot see the difference in how they vote. Prior to a vote, it seems that Commissioner Eaton will talk about how uncomfortable he is with something, but then ultimately vote the same as Commissioner Wise.

    I haven’t followed the Public Service Commission long enough to know the subtleties. Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

  2. gcp says:

    Interesting Oct. 18 AJC article about the Lifeline phone program. It says Mr. Everett supports a $5 fee for the users. Mr. Eaton says we need “better record keeping” due to the abuse in the program. I concur with both positions. Mr. Staples, do you have a comment on the Lifeline program?

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