Lottery Board Defends CEO Selection Process

WSB reports that James Braswell, chairman of the Georgia Lottery Board, defends their process of selecting the new CEO.

“When I look at Debbie’s overall qualifications, I’m very comfortable she would do an excellent job,” chairman James Braswell told Channel 2’s Lori Geary.

“To say that Debbie doesn’t have lottery experience — no, she hasn’t been a CEO of a lottery, but she has served on this board for three or four years, and she has been a direct liaison between the governor’s office,” Braswell said.

We get it – she’s a friend of the Governor and got a cushy job.  There’s a long precedence of that being the way things work.  My beef is paying someone almost $400k to steer the lottery program.

The lottery CEO position is one of the highest paid in state government. DeFrancisco’s current salary is almost $380,000.

I get that $380k is in the bottom percentile in CEO pay, but taxpayers are paying a person with no applicable job experience $380k a year to run a program that’s been chugging along since 1993?  Are we going to be rebranding this year?  Maybe designing a new strategic vision in the world of lottery ticket sales?  WHAT are we getting for that kind of ching?

Bitter Betty?  Party of 1?  Your table is ready.


  1. Zinc says:

    1. Are you sure that taxpayers are picking up the salary. Last time I checked, Ga Lottery was a private corporation that the state regulates. IIRC, the employees are NOT state employees.

    2. So you don’t think being the state budget director and a lottery board member makes someone qualified? What then is your standard for qualifications? And does that standard only apply in this situation or do you apply it equally to CEOs, Governors, Presidents or other executive positions.

  2. Jas says:

    Jimmy Braswell is a good and honorable man that has served the state with flying colors and his chairmanship and term on the board has seen the lottery thrive despite legislators misguided attempts to limit the Corp’s ability to maximize profits for the state’s next generation.

    ZellsvMiller’s HOPE and our lottery under the leadership of Margaret and the lady before her (forgot the name) has led the nation thru though tough times. Hard choices had to be made in the last few years but those that blame the market based salaries and bonuses of GL Corp officials are just plain stupid.

  3. DeKalb Wonkette says:

    The optics of this are bad and come on the heels of other allegations of cronyism within the Deal administration.

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