Buckhead County? Really People?

Twitter is mangnificent in that it can both inform and deliver an entire opinion piece in 140 characters or less.  Jim Galloway just tweeted this one as “An idea whose time isn’t anywhere near close to coming”.  WSBTV reports:

Carol Davidson is just one of the business owners in the Buckhead community advocating the idea. Davidson owns a clothing boutique and told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman the area needs to be better served.

“I think the people of Buckhead feel that Buckhead is really overlooked as far as services go.  Buckhead needs its own identity” Davidson said.

Jim King, chairman of the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods, agrees that the community should look into the possibility of splitting from Fulton County.

“Any option that improves what we have now I’m open too” King said. “There is a lot of dissatisfaction here in Buckhead with where the tax dollar goes.”

We’ve already got the fine folks from Sandy Springs northward trying to be all Milton County on us.  Now the people of Buckhead are having such an identity crisis that they need to break away not only from Fulton County but apparently from the City of Atlanta as well?

It ain’t happening, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time worrying about it.  Until the legislature is in session.  I’m sure folks said the Yazoo Land Scandal couldn’t happen either.  Remind me about this sometime in early January and we’ll revisit it.  Or not.

As for Buckhead needing it’s own identity?  Really?  THIS is Buckhead.  Get your own damn name before you try to find your own identity.


    • Charlie says:

      Apparently the Atlanta folks having an identity crisis bought off Google, because every time I’ve set the map which was linked to the real Buckhead, it comes back with a map for Peachtree at Paces Ferry.

      So your wikilink now prevails. Thanks.

    • Calypso says:

      I once knew a teenager who hunted out there. This was in the early 90’s. He was new to the metro area. He actually asked where all the night clubs were that everyone talked about. He was serious.

      • SallyForth says:

        Calypso, welcome back good buddy. I haven’t been on P/P the last few days, so not sure when you surfaced. We ’bout decided you might have permanent post-election depression – glad to see your boat again. 🙂

        • SallyForth says:

          argh! wrong number – I saw the posts from today and thought yours was too. Guess I should’ve looked at the date on our long-lost boat friend.

  1. AtticusFinch says:

    Ya’ll come visit (all 233 of us) in Buckhead, GA — the real Buckhead — and be sure to stop off at Bonner’s Triple B for some fried catfish, and the sweetest tea you ever drank ….just outside the city limits. Say hello to our Mayor, Council, and postmaster. We don’t have any crime out here, so you won’t find any police. No need for any. We don’t steal from each other out here. Because there are no restaurants (any longer) or operating gas stations in the City of Buckhead. No restaurants, bars or gas stations or policemen!? Really? Surely that be music to the ears of most residents of that community known as Buckhead in Atlanta.

  2. AtticusFinch says:

    The Buckhead City Council convened last week for the first time since July and, according to the Morgan County Citizen newspaper, one concern was that the 22 residents who get their garbage picked up leave their garbage cans inaccessible, behind their barns and sheds. A letter was sent to all “able-bodied residents” to place their garbage by the street. However, “the biggest concern for the council” was that the well that services the city is beginning to produce less water. The citizens are praying for rain. As one councilman said, “we got to keep our water service here in Buckhead to be a town.” Morgan County Citizen, Oct. 18, 2012, page 7A
    This just in:
    Suspicions are that vandals from the Buckhead community see an opportunity to end Buckhead, GA’s claim to the name of City. Surely they will not actually pray for Buckhead to get no rain. Our being a City depends on it. Thank you for your prayers.

  3. greencracker says:

    My uncle lives down there and claims that every now and then, Sam Massell calls the other mayor of the other Buckhead and tries to buy the city’s unincorporation.

  4. novicegirl says:

    Take away access to Buckhead’ s wallet and the City and the County will really be up the creek. They’ll have to start taxing panhandling.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Just what Georgia needs another county under 100k population.
    What prevents them from going with Milton as a city ? Ego or law !

  6. Engineer says:

    Sometimes I swear that you people around Atlanta talk more about secession than Texas and South Carolina.

  7. Dave Bearse says:

    Extending a proposed Milton County south of Sandy Springs to include Buckhead may not be all that far fetched.

    Come early January, the Fulton County delegation will have been gerry-mandered to give control of the County’s delegation to the GOP despite the County being overwhelmingly Democratic. The GOP may have two-thirds control of both Houses of the General Assembly. Reconstituting Milton County is high on Jan Jones agenda since the state otherwsie is doing so well.

    The pieces will be in place for such as pitch.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        Even with increasing Republican dominance of the State Legislature, it’s still quite a stretch to assume that an often juvenile General Assembly can focus on this or any other single issue for more than 10 minutes without being distracted by shiny metal objects.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Milton County supporters will welcome the proposal to include Buckhead so that that they can protray it as magnanimous and comprimising by including only Sandy Springs in the new County.

  8. BuckheadResi says:

    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie ,
    If you can see past your Anxiety, Panic Attack, Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt you’ll see that Buckhead County is a given. I can understand your Panic..Hey, I’d put every dime on it you live Intown and or V.Highlands (my dear sweet 95-year old Great Aunt does too -not a call out).

    However, the absolute TERROR you feel when you hear us fine folks of Tuxedo/Paces/30327/30305
    will no longer, and will *REFUSE* to carry your burden any further. Then you’ll realize this is a *NO BRAINIER* a *GIVEN*

    First, let me enlighten you. There is this wonderful revitalization effort under progress, including the Peachtree Corridor Lenox to Roxboro.

    It’s called the “Buckhead Community Improvement District”
    (WOW I see a LOT OF FINE FOLKS that will *NEVER* let Fulton County/Atlanta City Government Take control of THIS VISION. And my BET is they got those fine Republicans voted in office and will soon call in a “chip”/”favor”

    2nd–You know that “DIRT MOUND”–several names, now it’s called Buckhead Atlanta.

    You think they’ll let JOHN LEWIS make ANY decision on that piece of dirt worth over $1 BILLION.

    Next, Charlie while I realize your article was written before the Election. Now, that’s come to pass.

    The Georgia Legislature, my friend, it’s not just a “Majority” it’s a *SUPER SUPER* Majority.
    Charlie, That kinda means, those poor Democrats, don’t even have Filibuster power.

    Next, Charlie Who do you believe Elected said Republicans wait for it *OF CORUSE* the Country Club Blue Bloods currently Occupying Tuxedo/Paces/30327/30305 (“Buckhead Atlanta Shops”).
    Seriously, watch the “Hype Video” best “Hype Video” I’ve seen.

    Finally Charlie, in spite of the “Community Improvement District” for Buckhead. The Peachtree Corridor is unlike it ever has been in the past. Yeah, bunch of Yokel bar owners, slipping few grand in “Donations to City Council folks not to disturb bar hours.

    Charlie, that particular party is over. Guess what’s in it’s place? WAIT FOR IT.
    –In the 30305–St. Regis ($3MM+ Condo High Rise-just *ONE* of Many could mention)
    –5 of the 6 “Buckhead Life Group” restaurants in walking distance (thus the “Walk” initiative).

    There’s more “Million Dollar” concentration of Housing wealth Just in the Phipps (don’t forget–whatever the name is this week—“Oriental Tower”–going rate at $10MM Penthouses)-Phipps to Roxboro. I would BET, I would go all in. That “Per Capita” wealth–is 1.5x if not 2x what Milton County was. Heck Luxury/Mansions for those Folks near Maine, is $500,000. Same dude pays $10MM+ for (whatever its’ called)–tower next to Phipps for 10,000 sq. ft.

    OH, don’t forget Sovereign, yeah only 82 homes, but some might fine BLUE BLOODS I’m sure.

    See Charlie, “you’re living in the past man”. Yeah, the liberal super Majority that use to exist in/around Buckhead. Long ago, kicked down the street into Midtown/South Fulton/Stone Mountain/30318. They surely don’t have a chip to cash in.

    Sorry Charlie (no pun)–However, you’re living in a dream world, if you don’t think this comes to pass.

    Oh, lest you forget. I also included all the Decision makers (even those who at the most outer circle could have at least an invite to a meeting (maybe a sit/zip it)–but invite none the less.

    Do you see *EVEN ONE* “D” by a name Charlie? Didn’t think so.

    Hey, don’t worry. Atlanta should do just fine without pillaging the pockets of North Buckhead
    (CHOKE/Belly Laugh).

    Nathan Deal

    Lieutenant Governor
    Casey Cagle

    Take a QUICK LOOK and the *SUPER SUPER* Majority State Legislature Has

    Congressional Officals (from GA)


    Speaker of the House
    David Ralston
    (R-Blue Ridge, District 7)


    Code Revision
    Billy Maddox
    R – Zebulon
    District 127

    Economic Development & Tourism
    Ron Stephens
    R – Savannah
    District 164

    Special Committee on Small Business Development and Job Creation
    David Knight
    R – Griffin
    District 126

    Special Joint Committee on Georgia Revenue Structure
    Mickey Channell
    R – Greensboro
    District 116

    Ways & Means -GRANDADDY!!! where DOES THE MONEY FLOW!!!!
    Chairman -Mickey Channell
    R – Greensboro
    District 116

    Income Tax
    Chuck Sims
    R – Ambrose
    District 169

    Who you *BEG* for Money (say Fessability Studies, etc.).


    Terry England
    R – Auburn
    District 108

    Vice Chair-Economic Development
    Penny Houston
    R – Nashville
    District 170

    “General Government” Vice Chair
    Ed Rynders
    R – Albany
    District 152

    • Charlie says:

      First of all, well you’re new. And probably a troll. So I’ll save the insults and leave that to our other commenters.

      I have no fear/doubt/uncertainty over the creation of a Buckhead County. In fact, I spent much of the last year trying to move there – knowing full well that it would be part of Fulton County for a long, long time.

      Fulton County’s governmental structure is likely to change dramatically. That’s the only thing that’s a “given”. But if you think a Republican super-majority is going to create a new county south of the ain’t-going-to-happen Milton County, then I really need some of whatever you’re smoking.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        “But if you think a Republican super-majority is going to create a new county south of the ain’t-going-to-happen Milton County, then I really need some of whatever you’re smoking.”

        Charlie, don’t you mean “But if you think that a Republican super-majority is going to take time off from chasing skirts, lobbyist money and gifts, partying, juvenile and sophomoric behavior, endless petty power struggles, conspiracy theories and frequent distractions from shiny metal objects to create a new county south of the ain’t going-to-happen Milton County, then I really need some of whatever you’re smoking.”?

        And if you really do need some of what BuckheadResi is smoking, the number to BuckheadResi’s supplier is 678-4….wait-a-minute…I see that you only meant that figuratively, sorry.

        • BuckheadResi says:

          @The Last Democrat in Georgia
          *laughing*–wish this had a “Like” button…Good one..”Touche”

          By the way, I’m not a Republican (just pointing out how all the “R’s”.
          I’m about as Libertarian as it gets. ie. I could care less what an individual chooses to do, chooses to love, choose to smoke, whatever. It is *NONE* of my Business.

          I think Atlanta is a really great city. People seem to do a good job minding their business.
          (well, since some d**M insane woman once called me out saying I take a “live/let live” approach–insane lady called me out. Feel I need the Caveat.

          She said, “SO, you’d let a Pedophile abuse children next door?–She “Blocked me” before I could tell her she obviously missed her dose of meds for the day.

          So, unless it involves harm to a child, animal, or the Elderly. (ie. “the defenseless)–Imma gonnna mind my business.

          Oh and well, you know…one human to another human–should I see a crazy man chasing you down the street with a tire iron–Yeah, that too would make it my business…*grin*

      • BuckheadResi says:

        Charlie, come on now…you think a Troll would take that much effort to research…We can agree to disagree, however let’s keep it at least a level of “Sports Bar Smack Talk” (vs. an ad-hominem debate).

        Serious question (asked as a dinner tone conversation). Honest to God want to know your thinking. Why do you think least not make it to some floor vote or some serious discussion?

        You want to argue Milton County a bunch of rich racist/bigoted “white folks” wanted their own enclave. I can agree/walk down that road with you. Pretty sure we’re on the same page. I think its’ hateful talk, but “keeping it real” I agree those were driving motivators.

        However, Buckhead is a different argument.
        1st-Hope we can agree, what makes Atlanta so nice, is that (Large Metro)–is extremely diverse/from what I’ve seen, very “individualistic” tolerant. ie. People do a rather good job minding their business, not worrying about what others choose to do. V.Highlands Perfect example–go down any street, 1920, 1920, McMansion, 1950, McMansion,so on.
        Someone not gonna build a $4MM home if they lack tolerance of their neighbors or neighborhood…..

        1b-So, those “Driving Motivators” for Buckhead Country on a list of 1-10, probably 15–has “hateful” undertones.

        —Side bar. By the way. TRUE Atlanta Native (born here). Went to visit a friend in Chicago. His condo, street was dividing line between straight/Gay town. we were walking through. Two dudes driving by, yell a vulgar slur, threw a plastic coke bottle hit my head. I’ve never had anything *CLOSE* to that in Atlanta. (I’m straight)–however spend lot of time in Midtown/Highlands, etc. Never had anything like that.

        –Mention that as I didn’t want you to think I was trying to insinuate something about Midtown/Intown. Because (guess like my 95-year old Great Aunt. It infuriates her because all the “McMansions” going up. Thus causing her 1920-never remodeled home Taxes to rise.
        (thus my argument for the “Fear”–as she would–if I called her today–which i will, due for a follow up. Told her about “Buckhead County”–her first words would be “OH NO, where’d you hear that” (fearing taxes would triple).

        2nd-In the 1990’s when a bar district. Was hard for people like Sam Massell, et. al to argue against because I’m guessing was nice tax revenue for the City (pouring Licenses, etc.).
        What everyone started trying to kill one another–when they shut it down.

        3rd. Now, that the concentration is on “High End” real estate. AND Community Improvement (private sponsored)–is driving things. AND, you’have Sam Massell, the unofficial Mayor who’s been visible for Decades, (ie. he knows how to glad hand).

        Buckhead Community Improvement District
        Check out the BOD and set of Atlanta Institution Prestigious names
        (Seligs go back to 1800’s Atlanta).

        And *OF COURSE* you gotta have your one “Patsy” from City Council to sit on the Board.
        Howard Shook

        I don’t know the man, and all due respect to him. However, he surely looks like he would not be the time in a BOD meeting to stand up against a Loudermilk, Ackerman/Selig, Much less OliverMcMillan–reps, putting Billion stuff in that dirt mound.
        Coincidentally, just looking up St. Regis –completely different reason—( $ range $2MM-$8MM)

        Here’s what I’m hanging my hat on/belief system.

        Thus please tell me yours–why it won’t happen. Cause I could be wrong.

        1st–this *HUGE* Community Improvement District–it is a Private Entity. Not Government. It will happen/no doubt (probably not as the artist renderings…but will happen).

        2nd-Again, I only took into account the wealth concentration in condo’s. Heck, just over a mile down West Paces from St. Regis a $10MM home for sale.

        Don’t know the Buckhead County Boundaries, including those, again no brainer.

        I’m sure you know (goes without saying)–those *R’s* care nothing more than a *FAT WALLET*–you have one, they’ll take a meeting.

        The only problem Milton Had was that Georgia has (long ago)–had to implement a cap on the number of counties we have in the state. (Pretty sure we are top–if not THE TOP–of list with most in any state of USA.

        So, they had to do some Gerrymandering.

        Watch the “chess pieces”—You start seeing some South Georgia podunk county agreeing to merge with a surrounding county. Buckhead County is next. ESPECIALLY–if Sandy Springs (like they are trying hard to do now–joins up with Milton County.

        Bukhead folks are *REALLY* gonna wet their pants screaming. Mark my words…watch for it.
        Next Session, a floor vote to merge a south Podunk county and/or vote to add yet ANOTHER new county to the already bloated list of Counties in GA. (These type votes typically are beginning of cycles so as constituents forget by next voting cycle.

        Your Ball! 😉

    • Stefan says:

      I see you have written a very long comment. May I suggest a few tips toward achieving brevity.

      1) Only address your intended audience once (“Charlie, Charlie, Charlie”.)
      2) Virginia-Highland is not a plural.

  9. BuckheadResi says:

    In seriousness/sadly they’ve done a P*** poor job of “selling it” what they’ve got going to date.

    Course don’t live in this corridor, however it’s a great thing (hopefully we can all agree)l
    “The Buc”–shuttles that take care of “the last mile”–for people to get to Public Transportation/Shopping, etc. More cars can keep off Peachtree the BETTER!

    *FREE* Shuttle.
    Lenox Park Line–The Lenox Park Line provides connections between MARTA rail and the Lenox Park/AT&T development.

    Piedmont – Lenox Line—The Piedmont-Lenox Line provides connections between MARTA rail and office buildings in the heart of Buckhead’s commercial core including Lenox Square, Phipps Plaza and office buildings and hotels in the area north of Piedmont and east of the Buckhead Loop.

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