A Jeep and a Creep in HD 81

So when Republican House Candidate Chris Boedeker gets asked via twitter why he had not paid the ad valorem tax and  updated his vehicle tags from Fulton to DeKalb like this

He repsonds via twitter with name calling like this: 

If that was his car, he might have just admitted that he wasn’t qualified when he qualified -because that would make him a holder of state money (the ad valorem tax on the car) and could have had him kicked off the ballot.  And he doesn’t say why he either can’t afford a vehicle in his own name or owed taxes on the vehicle he was driving at the time he qualified for office. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We have lots of legislators without their own car or who owe back taxes.

(And anyone who hired a private investigator to skulk around his female opponents house during the primary doesn’t really get to call people “creeps” for doing the same thing during the general. There’s a rule.)




  1. BryanLong says:

    Chris Boedeker is also the guy who points to Rep. Scott Holcomb’s honest acknowledgement of a 12-year military career and calls it “bragging.”

    Rep. Holcomb served our nation proudly in Bosnia, Iraq and beyond but Boedeker somehow tries to paint his military service as problem.

    Buzz Brockway should ask Boedeker to return that campaign contribution.

  2. greencracker says:

    Wait a minute, wait a minute, being a “holder of state money” can get you kicked off a ballot?

    Like, say, if you have property/income/sales tax liens?

    While not strictly a Democrat problem, if you can get kicked off the ballot for that, who’s the lazybones in charge of enforcement?

  3. Ed says:

    #thanks to @JimNichols for making sure im not the creepiest guy in this thread #nicechange #imnotcreepy #isthistwitterworking

    • bgsmallz says:

      Can I ask a question…according to his ‘blog’, this guy lives in Stockbridge…what in the world is he doing creeping around DeKalb county taking pictures of Boedeker’s jeep?

      Other question…are we sure he was late on his ad valorem? I’ve lived in DeKalb county most of my life and I can tell you that when I moved back from Fulton, I drove with a Fulton sticker on my car for a couple of years b/c the county wasn’t competent enough to send me the ‘DeKalb’ sticker. Not defending him…just saying that you might be inferring more from the tweet than is actually there.

      Not excusing the private investigator stuff…that’s creepy, too.

      • bgsmallz says:

        I hadn’t seen the earlier post before commenting…I still am wondering if he really was late on his ad valorem, but now I don’t really care. He may have called the creep treatment down upon himself by his actions.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Does the law on unpaid taxes for those seeking a public office include spouses? If not it should.
    The issue and Boedekers response earn him the creep tag.

  5. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Quite the charmer.

    I understand he has quite the love of all things “robo-call” legal, illegal.. no matter. Creep is good and conveniently rhymes wit Jeep.

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