Lee Anderson Campaign Accuses Democrats of Vandalizing Campaign HQ; Plans To Seek Arrest, Presumably of “Democrats”

Apparently there’s some red spray paint on the walls of Lee Anderson’s campaign headquarters and some signs were torn down overnight.  In typical restrained fashion, Anderson’s campaign has released a press release and blamed “Democrats”:

This is what Democrats do when they are losing,” said Mahoney.  “They lie about gutting Medicare, they lie about raising taxes, and they deface campaign signs and property.  This is ridiculous, inexcusable, and down-right criminal and we intend to press charges for this juvenile and destructive behavior.”

Red spray-paint was used to deface numerous signs at the Lee Anderson for Congress Campaign Headquarters in Evans, GA.  Large signs throughout Columbia and Richmond Counties were also vandalized.  The total damage is still being assessed.

Reagan Williams, Campaign Manager for Lee Anderson, filed a police report with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department this morning.

A question has been submitted back to Anderson’s campaign asking who they intend to press charges against and when.  After all, to do so they would presumably need a named suspect, unless Anderson’s campaign believes they can just round up all Democrats for prosecution.  And then, in most Georgia counties, they would also presumably need some evidence.  After all, there’s a much higher bar to secure a criminal arrest than there is to issue a press release.   But if you want to treat the voters and the press like idiots, you can always just issue empty and baseless press relases and hope for a good headline.  My hope is the Anderson campaign likes this one.  After all, we’re here to please.


  1. ricstewart says:

    Off the top of my head I can’t remember any two more laughable candidates than Anderson and Barrow. Can anyone else think of a more ridiculous matchup in Georgia history?

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