Broun Vs Darwin. No, Really. Kind Of.

Georgia Congressman Paul Broun (R-Athens) will have a challenger,  after all.  According to the Associated Press, there will be a write in campaign waged by none other than Broun’s nemesis, Charles Darwin (I-Pit of Hell).

A Facebook page promoting Darwin for Congress went up Oct. 8 urging supporters to take a stand against Broun.

But the laws of political science hold that Broun will likely win re-election to a fourth term. He has no Democratic opponent in the election Nov. 6 and Georgia law requires write-in candidates to register by early September. That, and Darwin is long dead.

The write-in campaign is tongue-in-cheek, said Jim Leebens-Mack, a plant biologist at the University of Georgia who started the Facebook page. But its supporters hope Darwin gets enough votes to pressure Republicans into removing Broun from a leadership post on the House Science Committee.

“I’d think the Republican Party would want to put a serious legislator in this seat rather than have Paul Broun,” Leebens-Mack said.

On a slightly serious note, write in campaigns have to be registered in advance, and that deadline has long since passed.  Most of the time the number of non-registered write in votes aren’t counted or made public.  Alas, we aren’t likely to know how many people in GA-10 prefer the creator of lies straight from the pit of hell to Congressman Broun.


  1. Calypso says:

    I say we recruit the founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky next election cycle and sned them to D.C. for the laughs.

    Albeit sad, revulsed, ashamed, pathetic laughs.

  2. I Miss the 90s says:

    Wow. Big thumbs up GOP.

    Just curious, for you teapartiers out there: is Paul Broun the kind of person you want representing your cause in Congress? What about the rest of you GOPers?

    I personally see Broun as an element of the GOP’s biggest problem: religious fanaticism.

    And he gets away with this. Can you people in the 10th put an end to the embarrassment that is Paul Broun? Come on! The 10th district does not want an evangelist dictatorship, why elect a congressmen that wishes for such a government?

    My vote goes to Darwin.

  3. Blog Goliard says:

    What’s the point of having write-in votes at all if write-in candidates have to be officially registered and approved long in advance?

    I say count ’em all. If, for some bizarre reason, once every century or three somebody dead or fictional or otherwise ineligible (or if there’s a situation where we have no idea which of several people in Georgia who bear the winning name were actually the intended candidate), fine…disqualify them. Give the victory to the highest-placing “real” candidate…along with the everlasting badge of shame of having actually lost at the polls to a rival who wasn’t even real.

  4. benevolus says:

    Well if Broun can serve without being sworn in I guess Darwin ought to be able to run without qualifying.

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