Afternoon Reads for Wednesday, October 17 -Liberal Media Bias Edition

On the Twitter: @mattklewis :Underplayed story: Romney criticizes Bush for ‘outrageous’ deficits


Here in Georgia:

National / International Stories of Interest:

Now, that’s interesting:


  1. wicker says:

    But … how can Atlanta be a leader in bioscience and healthcare IT? Atlanta is the next Detroit/DC/Baltimore/Camden/East Saint Louis!!! Or at least that is what the suburbanites keep telling me!

        • Mike Stucka says:

          On a wholy unrelated and absolutely braindead note, I confess I glimpsed your avatar, closed the page, said, wait, what was that? … reopened the closed page. For a while there I thought you were advocating for the .303 Enfield and the SMLE rather than a political party. =)

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