Time to Finish What We Started

In 2010, Georgia State played NCAA football for the first time.

The Panthers went to Tuscaloosa to play the reigning national champions that year. GSU nearly beat ‘Bama. We get a chance to finish what we started next year, returning to play the Crimson Tide. GSU is also scheduled to play at West Virginia in 2013.

My warning to both those teams: prepare yourselves for the GSU Juggernaut.

Also announced yesterday: GSU goes to Oregon in 2015 and now has a home-and-home with Air Force for 2014/16.



  1. Ed says:

    I will note UGA again has failed to take up my offer of a home-and-home series.

    Again, the only explanation is that they fear GSU.

    Its that simple.

  2. peachstealth says:

    As I remember the score of that Alabama game was something like 63 to 7. I knew State people were delusional, I just didn’t know how bad until today.

    • Ed says:

      Yeah, well it was one of those instances where if you watched the game on the field it told a different story than the one on the scoreboard.

      I’m telling you, there was an audible sigh of relief from ‘Bama fans when the game ended.

  3. Ryan says:

    Only 1 GSU in Georgia that actually plays football and has the record to show it….that Team is located in Statesboro and that Team is also the same GSU that has score more points on Bama than any team in the past 1 1/2. GATA Eagles!

    • peachstealth says:

      Absolutely!! They’re afraid of us. Joining the Sun Belt so they’ll have an excuse not to play Southern. They ought to be going the other way and join the Gulf South. They might actually win a game.

  4. View from Brookhaven says:

    Our recent record against Top 25 teams compares favorably with that of Mark Richt’s. So there’s that.

  5. The Big Kahuna says:

    Ed, your living situation must look like you live with Cheech and Chong. Put the bong down for a minute and step outside and take a deep breath of non weed laced air.

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