Funeral Arrangements for Dick Pettys

We have received the following information from Richard Pettys, Jr. about funeral arrangements for his father:

“On behalf of my mother, my brothers and me we thank you all for the kind words of support and love.  We are truly overwhelmed. We knew Dad was special. We did not know he was *this* big of a deal.  Your words have been a point of light in these dark times and a source of order amidst the chaos.  We are truly overwhelmed.  The only thing we could possibly add to what had been said is that he was a wonderful husband and a great father.  We miss him terribly.  We are forever in your debt for the kind words and sentiments that have helped ease our pain.  Thank you for allowing “the Dean” and “the Legend” to be our husband and dad.”

Visitation is Sunday from 4 to 7PM at Patterson’s Spring Hill. The funeral Mass is Tuesday at 3PM at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Cleveland, GA.

 Note: For those wishing to share condolences or any of the many, many great stories about Dick Pettys and his career, comments will be permitted on this post, which is an exception to our usual policy. But inappropriate comments will be deleted and those making them will be banned.


  1. Noway says:

    Don’t know much about Pettys but I get the feeling that he was an old schooler, like Bill Shipp. I respect and admire guys like this. I’ll tell you a crusty old guy I love and that is Jack Germond. There is no more a liberal than that guy. He used to give John McLaughlin what fer’ all the time. I get the feeling we are witnessing a thinning of a very valuable herd. Too bad for us.

  2. Spacey G says:

    I mostly recall, when out in the field, Mr. Pettys being busy, always working, and always interviewing people. In other words, always being the consummate journalist. Thus, he taught by example. And he wasn’t really all that “crusty”, either! He was kind and professional. Always. He will be missed by many.

  3. LindaC says:

    I knew Dick Pettys as a kind, concerned, warm neighbor who was also the Pack Leader of two of my sons in Cubs and Webelos. He was devoted to the kids in Pack 29 and took great care to help each boy select the Boy Scout Troop that might bring out their talents and offer opportunities for leadership development. I remember going with my son on one trip when he was a Webelo that Dick headed up ( his dad had some sort of work conflict). Experience of a lifetime! We went to somewhere and walked around an old strip mine site that had gone back to nature. You could find the odd piece of coal on the ground in the grass, if you were careful. At night the group went to Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee and spent the night. Some people went on the “wild tour, ” not generally open to the public. You had to be fit and skinny and not worried by small close spaces. I still look back in wonder at the idea that I was talked into this by Dick- and had fun, too.

    He will be remember by so many whose lives he touches, But I would think most especially by the boys and parents of Pack 29.

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