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    • John Konop says:


      I have read that secondary non vacation spot casinos on the macro drain more jobs than they create. They tend to target people who can least afford the losses and do not go to Vegas via the expense. The counter arguements is they use the black market to gamble and or the internet. What do you think? Do you think projects like you posted create more problems or help the economy?

      • I agree John.

        I have a number of problems with O’Leary’s proposal not the least of which is having a stand alone casino or video gambling location won’t attract business from outside of Georgia. It will suck up business from those that want to gamble who live within a few mile radius of his facility. Look at Gulfport or Las Vegas, they have multiple gambling locations so people travel to gamble and vacation. I love my home county but people aren’t going to vacation in Gwinnett to gamble at O’Leary’s stand alone facility.

        Just think, if this gets created Gwinnett’s developers could bribe unscrupulous officials without having to leave town, saving them thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

        • I always thought putting something in Underground would be a good idea though – people do come to Atlanta for conventions, tourism, Braves, Falcons etc already so a casino would seem like an attractive additional destination. And I’d rather go to Atlanta where I can see other sites while I’m there than go to some Indian reservation in the middle of nowhere.

          • Stefan says:

            That was Dan O’Leary’s primary goal for the past decade. Maybe he now thinks it is isn’t possible? I am for it as long as it has live dealers and poker rooms. A bunch of slot machines does not move people.

  1. Rambler14 says:

    This casino means nothing to me.

    As someone who enjoys playing poker,
    I will continue spending my dollars in other states… FL, MS, NV

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