Staples Announces Multi-Partisan Endorsements For PSC Race

Libertarian (and frequent participant here at Peach Pundit) David Staples has announced a slate of endorsements.  In a press release, he notes the support of the  “anti-TSPLOST” team of  TEA Party Patriots’ Debbie Dooley and the Sierra Club’s of Georgia.  In addition to Libertarian party members and Ron Paul Republicans, the list includes more establishment Republicans and some of Georgia’s remaining Democrats.

The list includes:

The Sierra Club of Georgia

Debbie Dooley – Atlanta Tea Party Co-Founder / Co-Organizer; Board of Directors Tea Party Patriots
Jim Powell2008 Democratic PSC Candidate and former Regional Director US Dept of Energy
Judge Jim Gray – Former California Superior Court Judge, Current Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate
Jimmy Norman – Executive Director, Georgians for Constitutional Government
Jade Morey – Former Chairperson, Georgia Association of College Republicans
Trevor Southerland – Former Annual Fund Director, Democratic Party of Georgia
Jeff Martin – Political Activist
Tom Knighton – Owner / Publisher – The Albany Journal
Kelly Nguyen – Senior Advisor, Ga4Liberty
Bill Greene – Former Co-Coordinator for Georgia for Ron Paul
Jordan Graye – Radio DJ, B98.5FM
John Monds – Former PSC Candidate, President Grady County NAACP
Lance Lamberton – Founder, Cobb Taxpayers Association
Chuck Donovan – Former candidate, US Senate
Jeff Edgens – Former Irwinton City Councilman
Also noted from the press release:
A number of leaders within the the Republican and Democratic parties have also privately offered their words of encouragement and support, though they are unable to officially endorse due to rules set in place by their respective parties.  I appreciate their support and respect their wishes to remain anonymous.  It is our hope that on November 6th everyone will put partisan politics aside and vote based on the issues in this race and not the letter beside the candidate’s name.
Staples faces Republican Stan Wise on the November ballot.  There is no Democrat running in this race.


  1. saltycracker says:

    The Sierra Club of Georgia endorses a libertarian ?

    Guess what just froze over ?

    No fringe or anything in between for Wise.

  2. Jeff says:

    Not that my name means much of anything, particularly considering I left the State a year and a half ago, but obviously, if I had a vote in this election, it would absolutely go to my friend David! 😀

  3. Trey A. says:

    I like what I read on David’s web site. But how about asking for a 20-percent pay cut on day one? $90k a year is still a pretty handsome public salary.

    (I’ll be voting for Staples regardless)

  4. Well, it looks like the section at the bottom of my press release is going to apply once again. Apparently someone or some group within the GOP have insisted that party rules be followed and issued an ultimatum, leading to the following message from Ms. Bernard. I appreciate her support and have removed her name from my website. Feel free to remove / strike-out her name in the post above as well.

    “I regret that I allowed my enthusiasm for Public Service Commission reform to overwhelm my duty as a member of the GAGOP District 12 Executive Committee. I request that my public endorsement of Mr. Staples be removed from any media, and sincerely apologize to the GAGOP and the Staples campaign for any inconvenience.”

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