Morning Reads for Friday, October 5, 2012

I used to be disgusted, now I’m just amused. Elvis Costello

-Georgian Dr. Joseph Lee Parker, Jr, who was the last surviving Navy doctor on Omaha Beach, goes on to his reward.
-The campaign to Save Weaver D’s continues!
-Does MARTA think there’s an alien on the other side of that probe?
I-85 HOT lanes generating less money than expected. Surprise, surprise, surprise.
The hospital tax war.
Florida wants more Georgia water for…oysters.

Post-debate soup. Or something:
-Obama loses Michael Moore.
-And Europe.
-And AARP. Or not. More later.
-Remember what Mama said… Beeeee yourself.
-Al Gore being, well, himself.
Front pages from swing states declare for Romney.
-When in doubt, bring in the attack dogs.
Spin by omission.
Paging Admiral Akbar… Akbar… Akbar… Admiral Akbar…

Random Everywhere:
Fly for free if your guy loses.
Early first snow expected in North Dakota and Minnesota. Run for the grocery store, now.
Life after Michael Bennett (sigh).

PSA: The latest jobs report is due out this morning, which will influence the election circus than any number of sound-bites, perceived insults and outright prevarications.


  1. Calypso says:

    Is anyone else getting bumping to the ‘Site offline’ page and then having to re-try to get back on PP? It’s been happening to me regularly the past two days.

  2. girl with a gun says:

    Looks like Deal will appoint Alford to head the lottery; her husband, Dean Alford, is a former state lawmaker who was appointed to the state Board of Regents by Deal earlier this year.

    Bryan Long, executive director of Better Georgia, a group that has been critical of Deal, said he is “not surprised” Alford is the leading candidate. “He [Deal] has a history of appointing department heads who have no experience in the department they are over,” Long said. “This has become routine for him.”

    • AMB says:

      If the highly paid director of a state agency needs no experience doing the job, why don’t we skip having a director and promote the first person down the totem pole who actually works at what the job requires?

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    It’s no surprise that the I-85 HOT lanes are short a couple of million a year in operating expenses. Add $2.3M a year in capital costs ($56M at 3% over 30 years), and general road users and taxpayers are spending $4M simply to provide the I-85 HOT lane “choice” for the well-heeled, since there’s no reduction in congestion, plus car-pooling has been discouraged.

    Plans are for more HOT lanes that will cost ten times more per mile to create than the I-85 HOT lanes. It’s as if there’s transportation money to burn. A more appropriate explanation is that state leadership’s objective in transportation spending is to pander to the well-heeled in the GOP exurban base, since nobody else will get anything appreciable out of it.

    It appears the poor south Georgia folk that passed T-SPLOST will be taken for a ride. Their long time transportation subsidies are being redirected to the GOP Atlanta exurban rich.

    • benevolus says:

      I think it’s funny that if you pay to come into town by yourself in the HOT lane, you still have to get out of the lane at 285 where it turns into an HOV lane.

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