Small-Toney Resigns As Savannah City Manager

It looks like Savannah won’t have Rochelle Small-Toney to kick around anymore. From the Savannah Morning News:

Savannah City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney submitted a written resignation shortly before Thursday’s special City Council meeting.

Council immediately went into executive session for personnel reasons to review the terms of her resignation.

They will return to council chambers to allow members of the public to speak. A council vote to accept the resignation also will happen in chambers. The city manager is not at City Hall, and many of those in attendance are here to support Mayor Edna Jackson and council.

The battle has been brewing for some time and has been covered here by Bill Dawers.  It looks like the official part of the process is nearing an end, with what appears to be final discussion/approval of what Ms. Small-Toney’s severance package and terms will be.

UPDATED: The resignation was accepted on a 6-3 vote also according to the Savannah Morning News.  Small-Toney will receive 6 months salary plus accrued vacation time.  Assistant City Manager Stephanie Cutter will become the acting City Manager.


    • Charlie says:

      True, but in this case, the resignation letter stipulated financial terms of her resignation. Essentially the vote was to modify terms of a contract regarding how it ended and how much it cost the taxpayers.

  1. Robin Wheeler says:

    And thus, we begin digging up the bodies………Put your gloves on Griswold. It’s gona get messy.

  2. Bill Dawers says:

    You beat me to it, Charlie!

    It’s been a long, sad chapter. I was among many who thought that Small-Toney had the resume necessary to be qualified for the job, even if it was obvious she wasn’t the best qualified candidate out there. But she created many of her own problems and didn’t know how to defuse problems.

    I give Mayor Edna Jackson a lot of credit for her handling of this matter and assembling a solid 6-3 margin on council ready to dismiss the city manager if she had not resigned.

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