Presidential Debate: Post-game Thread

What’s that?  There was a debate last night?

Instead of putting multiple articles about last night’s debate in the morning reads, here’s a fresh thread.  I’m a fan of Mullings by Rich Galen; I like the bullet point delivery.

Earlier this week, he posted:

  • I also counseled the staff to seek out every reporter they could find and declare, following the debate, a shockingly superior performance by their candidate.
  • I told them I didn’t care if their candidate threw up on his shoes during the debate. Say it was a victory for anyone in the District who had ever suffered gastric distress.

Here is his perspective of the debate:

  • From the very beginning it appeared to me that Romney was better prepared and/or more rested than Obama.
  • We were reminded why the President needs a TelePrompTer. Obama seemed to be unfocused in many of his answers – he appeared, in fact, to be overwhelmed by Romney’s command of the facts and the specifics of what he wants to do.
  • Put another way to Obama: I know Bill Clinton; Bill Clinton is a friend of mine; You, Mr. President, are no Bill Clinton.
  • The longer the debate went on (it is 45 minutes – half way – as I type this) Romney’s command of the subject matter like Social Security and Medicare are staggering Obama.
  • Obama had to lean on his grandma not once but twice to try and demonstrate his concerned for the underclass – the boxer equivalent of covering up in the corner.
  • It appeared to me that Obama began – literally – shrinking on stature during the Dodd-Frank discussion, while Romney – who knows a little about how markets work – explained why regulations are necessary but the markets have to know that they are reasonable and stable.
  • At the 10:00 pm mark (2/3 of the way into the debate) Romney went through the differences between ObamaCare and RomneyCare. Romney hit hard on a “board” that will determine who can receive what level of care.
  •  After about a minute of stumbling around, when Obama finally got around to explaining how it would work (using Cleveland Clinic as the example) he had lost the point. Again.
  • Romney turned that around on Obama by saying the Cleveland Clinic example makes his (Romney’s) case: That’s the private market at work, not the government.
  • By 10:10 (70 minutes in) Obama went from unfocused to petulant as it became clear to him he was getting his clock cleaned.
  • On the role of government question, Obama provided his best answer since his opening answer when he used the phrase “economic patriotism” but never built on it making me think it was something he practiced saying between the Green Room and the stage.
  • Obama hit on education saying “it was not top-down, Governor.” Unfortunately it was 75 minutes too late.
  • Romney countered on the education issue by saying that first we need “great teachers.”
  •  If Romney could win the snuggling-up-to-teachers point, Obama could have just walked off the stage at that point.
  • When Lehrer came back to education – to try and give Obama another bite at that polished apple – Obama stumbled over it again. By the time Obama got around to trying to ding Romney about borrowing money from parents to attend college, most of the nation’s eyes had long-since glazed over.
  • This one wasn’t even close. Romney won. Obama lost.
  • Thank you, Jim Lehrer for stopping by.


    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      I don’t think that it will necessarily be all that much of a race from this point out as I suspect that Obama and the ‘Crats are going to have an even worse month in October than Romney and the Repubs had in September as Obama’s continuing foreign policy disaster in the Middle East combined with a very soft economy here at home is likely to make the last month of this race spin completely out of control for him bringing his disgraceful and dishonorable adminstration to an unceremonious close and not a moment too soon!

  1. Technocrat says:

    Can you wait for Ryan vs Biden, heck most of you here can go 90 minutes with Biden without preparation.

    • Calypso says:

      Can you wait for Ryan vs Biden, heck most of you here can go 90 minutes with Biden without talking.

  2. John Walraven says:

    Galen is a phenom. That guy provides an analysis like no other. Can’t argue with anything he wrote, here. I was surprised the Prez trotted Grandma out so often as well.

  3. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    I am so relieved today. I was worried about Mitt but no longer. Mark my words, Mitt will be the most consequental President since Lincoln. He’s going to change us from an dependency society to a productive society.

    If any gun folk are looking at this, please know the Mitt is pro-gun. YES, PRO-GUN.

    Mitt pulled a fast one on the anti-gun dems who controlled the legislature in Massachussetts with the AWB (assualt weapons ban) legislation that he signed. The Massachusetts AWB exempted any gun on the Federal AWB list. When the Federal AWB expired, every gun on the Federal list would have become illegal to own/possess in MA. The bill he signed made the exemption list permanent, thus saving MA gun owners from becoming instant criminals.

    The Mass AWB was always permanent. He did not have a hand in that.

    Check out GOAL’s report about how pro-gun Romney truly is. His record is much more pro-gun than most of the Republicans here in Georgia.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      I know that Reagan is way over referenced among candidates and that many get tired of hearing him brought up so often, but this is unavoidable: Mitt would have to go a LONG way to be a more consequential president than Reagan. If he can pull that off and turn this Nation back to being as positive, energetic and dominant as Reagan did after an administration as bad as or worse than Carter’s, I’ll be one adoring fan in 8 years.

  4. Harry says:

    Two comments:

    Two comments:

    Cheney was right to describe Obama as an “unmitigated disaster”.

    Ryan will wipe the floor with Biden no matter what, but the remaining two presidential debates will be handicapped for Obama because I have no doubt he’ll get the pre-heads-up on questions from Candy Chowley and Shieffer. Jim Lehrer was the bad example for them and their controllers on how not to “run” a debate.

  5. kyleinatl says:

    Remember folks, people thought John Kerry won the first debate in 2004…one more thing they have in common…

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