Near Athens? Support Weaver D’s

From our friends over at The Grit Tree:

I was shocked to hear that Athens landmark Weaver D’s was in danger of closing down.  On the heels of Peaches closing down a few weeks ago, the good soul food places in Athens are dropping like pass attempts to Rantavious Wooten.

Though personally I was a Peaches’ man, I hate to see a place that where R.E.M. named their best albumn after having to close it doors.

Everyone in Athens, go to Weaver D’s this week. $8 for lunch is about what you’d pay most places.  If you are on a diet, eat oatmeal for breakfast and supper.  Make it happen.

For those unfamiliar with The Grit Tree – what’s wrong with you?  They love all things UGA, Lewis Grizzard, and BBQ.  Check out their link, with some REM thrown in at no additional charge.

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