More Details On How Arthur’s Getting His Stadium

From the AJC:

Atlanta Falcons fans may be asked to help pay for a proposed new downtown stadium through personal seat licenses that can cost thousands of dollars, based on a document obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The document — the most recent draft of a non-binding term sheet that is being negotiated between the Falcons and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority — provides the first acknowledgement that a sale of seat rights is being contemplated as part of the funding plan for the stadium.

Personal seat licenses commonly have been used in the financing of NFL stadiums over the past 15 years. In such programs, fans typically are asked to pay one-time fees for the right to subsequently buy season tickets in a specific seat for the life of the building or a defined number of years.

As an aside: the headline for this story in the paper today was far more dramatic than the “Seat licenses eyed for Falcons stadium” as used online.


  1. Charlie says:

    More on how Blank isn’t: The GWCC has to have the legislature increase the amount of bonds it can hold. We’ll see if the folks that can’t find a way to fund transportation want to put the state on the hook to replace a stadium that has a lot of life left in it.

    • SallyForth says:

      +100 Plus I’m definitely not for having to buy a seat license before buying game tickets, which are expensive enough already for good seats.

      • Calypso says:

        A seat license is but a user fee,
        To see the game, but not for free.
        Most taxpayers on the other hand,
        Cannot afford the stand,
        This idea sounds alright to me.

        • SallyForth says:

          There you go with that rhyming stuff, Calypso,
          At which I am a dipso.
          Nay, a seat license does not a game allow you to see,
          For purchasing a seat it merely buys an opportunity.
          For one who cannot afford the stand,
          This simply puts it further out of hand.

  2. Rick Day says:

    BTW: I saw Good Ole Max Cleland Sunday in the Verizon Wireless Hoity Toity Suites after the game. He looked like he had been playing the role of embarrassing drunk uncle. Kinda…out of it and wild haired. Had a cutie pushing his chair. One would think someone with his pull could have obtained a motorized chair.

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