Chatham County Democratic Committee down to one member

From Resignations rock Chatham County Democratic Committee in today’s Savannah Morning News:

Barely five weeks before the Nov. 6 elections, turmoil has rocked the Chatham County Democratic County Committee.

Four members of a seven-member executive committee that already had two vacancies have quit, leaving only chairman Tony Center.

The openings are due to be filled at an Oct. 8 meeting.

Center says the departures won’t stop volunteers working to turn out local voters for the Democratic ticket.

There are various disputes that Center describes as “internal squabbles”. Center is running unopposed for a seat on the Chatham County Commission and plans to leave his CCDC post at the end of the year.

I don’t know how much this will hurt the Democratic candidates in the upcoming Chatham County elections. But with several races expected to be tight — including District Attorney, Commission Chairman, and Sheriff — this sort of disarray sure paints the local party bureaucracy in a bad light.


  1. ghall says:

    I think the title should read Chatham County EXECUTIVE Committee down to one member. The full committee has very few open seats.

  2. ghall says:

    @Bill Constant issues with website. I’m on the committee. We would love to have you visit us for a meeting. Feel free to contact me either on Facebook or twitter @gunnerhall

  3. oldman45 says:

    Is there a down side to this story? If we can get all the other democrats to resign we might have a chance to reclaim our country!

  4. SouthernCamelot says:

    At least they have/had a Democratic Committee. Here the Democratic county party consists of one man acting as chair, secretary, treasurer, etc… and if you try to get in his way, watch out!

  5. Robin Wheeler says:

    Same story, different day. Democrats can’t get (and stay) organized; Republicans can’t get voters energized and to the polls. If either party ever learns how to reach their goal, we will see what a REAL revolution looks like.

  6. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Unfortunately political organizations seem to bring out some real boarder line personalities. I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with the one idjit who has to be the loudest person in the room with all the “great ideas’ that they won’t do-but you all should get right on planning.

    It seems to be even worse when it’s combined with elected officials or candidates also attempting to run the organization at the same time. I’ve never supported a person running for leadership if they are an elected official.

    Mr. Center should have stepped down or taken a leave when he began his campaign.

    Savannah has serious issues, politically, racially and economically. I file this all under “Not-Helping”

    • drjay says:

      well, iirc correctly, center is the only candidate running for that commission seat, if their by-laws are like our by laws he would have had to resign if he was involved in a contested primary…but there really is no “campaign” for that seat…i’ve only met him once but he seemed nice enough when i did…his father, who incidently just passed away last month, was a very well known prominent figure in sav’h politics for many years…

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